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Now that you have registered

  • Within 24 – 48 hours of your completing the registration process, CMS will send your information to the Bureau of TennCare, assuming you selected Tennessee as your state of participation. Following receipt of your information, TennCare will send you a "Welcome to the TennCare Medicaid EHR Incentive Program" email. This email will contain a link to the PIPP portal. It is through this portal that you will create a User Account, and complete and submit your attestation. It is through the portal that you can also track the progress of your attestation as TennCare reviews it.
    • The PIPP portal is designed to be "user friendly." In some places there are "hovers" that provide definitions or instructions. If you attempt to leave a page before completing all required information or documentation, a pop-up will stop you. You will also find a "Help/User Manual" link on the left side of the page, which provides additional instructions and information. In addition, there are FAQs to help you. If you still have questions or need help, send an email to one of the following addresses.
      • For questions about Provider Registration, EHR-related, Patient Volume, Required Forms, or general information,
  • When you open the PIPP portal for the first time, click on "Provider Web Registration" at the top of the column on the left. This is the ONLY time you will need this link for each provider. You will then be instructed to "Create a New User" which will establish your attestation account. You will be asked for
    • Your CMS Registration Number
    • Your NPI (for EPs, this is your INDIVIDUAL NPI)
    • Your Tax ID (for EPs, this is your Social Security Number)

The portal will then bring up your information. (If you receive an error message, double-check the information you entered to be sure it is correct.)  To establish your User Account

  • Create a User Name (follow the directions)
  • Create a Password (follow the directions)
  • Provide an answer for each security question
  • Click "Save"
  • TennCare recommends that more than one person have access to this information. This is because the person with the information may leave and no one else would be able to access your User Account. If this should happen, contact the Bureau and we will assist in re-establishing your User Account. As always, your information should be kept secure.

Once TennCare receives your User Account information, a "Confirmation" email will be sent, again, within 24 – 48 hours. This email will contain your user name, and instructions to "click here" in order to activate your account. You MUST do this in order to be able to attempt to qualify for the EHR incentive payment.

NOW, you are ready to attest!