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The Second Step

To begin the process of qualifying for an EHR Provider Incentive Payment, both EPs and EHs must register by going to the CMS Registration & Attestation System (R&A) web site

Follow the instructions given and enroll EPs in the Medicaid Incentive Program (the Medicare EHR Incentive Program is no longer open for enrollment). EHs can qualify for payments from both the Medicare and Medicaid programs by enrolling as a dually-eligible hospital.

Important: When registering, make sure you enter the CMS Registration number of your certified EHR system/module in the appropriate place. Although CMS lists it as optional field, TennCare requires this information for you to be able to attest.

Also:  In the PIPP program, TennCare sends all communications to the email address that you list when registering. Any email address changes must be made by revising your registration information at the CMS R&A web site.

Some providers use consultants to assist them in registering and attempting to qualify for the EHR Provider Incentive Program. This is an acceptable practice and TennCare does not have any objections to providers doing so. However, providers need to be aware that some consultants enter their email address (rather than the provider’s) when registering the provider at the CMS R&A web site. If you are using a consultant who places their (the consultant’s) own email address in your registration, you need to maintain close contact with the consultant as some problems related to registering and attestation may require your intervention.

When you have completed the registration process, you will be given a CMS registration number (this is different from the CMS certification number of your certified EHR system). We recommend that you both print that page and write the registration number down. If you need to go back to change your registration information, you will need that number. If you lose your registration number, call the CMS Help Desk at 1-888-734-6433.

Now that you have registered