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The First Step

The first step to participating in the TennCare Medicaid EHR Provider Incentive Program (PIPP) is – you MUST be a TennCare Medicaid participating provider! If you are not enrolled as a TennCare Medicaid provider, you are not eligible to participate in the PIPP. You must also sign a contract with one or more of our Managed Care Contractors (MCCs) to provide services to their enrollees.

NOTE: Some providers receive only Medicare/Medicaid crossover payments. These are paid directly by the Bureau of TennCare and not by the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). These providers are NOT required to have a contract with any TennCare MCO.

The Bureau of TennCare continues to enroll providers (both individuals and single/multi-specialty groups) electronically through our web site. If you need to enroll as a TennCare Medicaid provider, please go to Provider Registration and follow the instructions.

A list of the MCOs and the regions they cover can be found at Managed Care Organizations.

Enrolling as a TennCare Medicaid provider is NOT the same as being an MCO-contracted provider. You must first get a Medicaid Provider ID number, and then contract with an MCO to provide services to that MCO’s enrollees.


If you have already attested for the AIU EHR Incentive Payment, you are ready to proceed with meeting the Meaningful Use (MU) requirements of the PIPP. Rather than going to the “The Second Step”, please continue with Attestation After the First Year.