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Darin Gordon

Deputy Commissioner
Health Care Finance and Administration

Darin Gordon is TennCare's director and deputy commissioner for the state Department of Finance and Administration. Under Mr. Gordon's leadership since 2006, the state's Medicaid managed care insurance program has retained control of its finances, placed full financial risk back with the managed care organizations in the Middle Region and refocused TennCare's management energy on improving the healthcare status of enrollees.

Mr. Gordon's history with the TennCare Bureau includes more than seven years of experience with the program. As a budget analyst with the Department of Finance and Administration, he had the tasks of preparing and analyzing TennCare's finances for inclusion in the Governor's state budget presentation to the General Assembly. Since October 2002, Mr. Gordon has held senior management positions inside TennCare, with responsibility for the management and oversight of its managed care providers and assisting in contract negotiations with the federal government. He also created a managed care analytics unit to better assess cost and utilization information provided by TennCare MCOs.

Before becoming TennCare Director in 2006, Mr. Gordon served as the Bureau's chief financial officer in 2004 and played a key role in developing TennCare's current leadership team.