Attestation after the First Payment Year

The information on this page is only for providers who are attesting beyond the first payment year. That is, you have already met the Adoption, Implementation, or Upgrade (to a certified EHR system) (AIU) requirements that are required for the first EHR Incentive Payment. You are now ready to proceed with meeting the Meaningful Use (MU) requirements to receive additional EHR Incentive Payments.

Reminder: Eligible Professionals (EPs) receive their full EHR incentive payments over a six (6) year period. With CMS approval, TennCare is making the EHR incentive payment to Eligible Hospitals (EHs) over a three (3) year period.

After the first payment year (the first payment year can be any year from 2011 - through 2016), providers must

  • Complete the Attestation packet on the PIPP portal
  • Continue to meet the Patient Volume (PV) requirements
  • Provide proof of having and using a certified EHR system
  • Attest to MU criteria

You will need to go back to the CMS Registration & Attestation web site only if

  1. To attest after the first payment year, you must go to the TennCare Provider Incentive Payment Program (PIPP) portal and log in. Click on "Log In" in the upper left, and then enter your User ID and password. (Note: You do NOT use the "Provider Web Registration" link on this page. You have already completed this task.)
    • You have obtained access (purchased, leased, etc.) a different certified EHR system other than you attested with last year, and need to change the CMS Certification Number. And/or,
    • You want to change Payee NPIs. For instance, you have moved from one group practice/clinic to another, or have joined or left a group practice/clinic, or otherwise want to redirect where your EHR incentive payment goes.
  2. Complete the attestation questions just as you did the previous year. Naturally, Patient Volume data and other data that has changed must be updated. Include documentation of your certified EHR system, and the Required Forms, just as you did previously. The W-9, ACH form, and the Signature Page must be signed and dated within 90 days of the submission of your attestation. Updated forms are always found under the Required Forms link on the left of the page.
  3. Attest to the Meaningful Use (MU) criteria. To obtain the latest, up-to-date information on MU, go to the MU Overview page.
  4. Eligible Hospitals (EHs) attesting in the second and third payment years are required to provide updated Patient Volume (PV) data. Acute Care and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) must have a minimum 10% paid Medicaid PV each year. A children's hospital does not have to meet this requirement.
  5. EHs attesting in the second and third payment years do not to have supply the same information that was used to determine the amount of their EHR incentive payment. The EH's incentive payment was determined in the first payment year.