ADA Employment Issues

It has long been the policy of TDOT to prohibit discrimination or harassment against any qualifying individual on the basis of disability in regards to the Department’s hiring and employment practices or in the admission or access to or treatment or employment in its programs, services or activities. The Department shall comply with applicable requirements of ADA/504 and the Department of Personnel Policies Rules and Regulations, as well as any other applicable law pertaining to disability non-discrimination.

TDOT has adopted the compliant procedure process issued by the Tennessee Department of Human Resources, including form PR-0411 “Intake/Referral and Investigative Memorandum process," which may be revised by the Department of Human Resources.

For more information on TDOT employment, contact:

Sherree Hall Crowder
Affirmative Action Program, Civil Rights Office Deputy Director
Tennessee Department of Transportation
505 Deaderick Street, Suite 1800
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615.741.3681