Performance Measurement and Analysis

TDOT Performance Measurement Framework provides a structured approach to the systematic assessment of progress and results. Established in 2004, the framework identifies five key performance categories to enable a balanced assessment of organizational performance, including:

  • Customer - focuses on overall customer service and satisfaction
  • Financial - considers TDOT’s budget and funding information, returns on investments, and efforts to reduce or contain costs
  • Organizational Effectiveness - focuses on effectiveness of key internal processes, use of innovative technology and management practices, productivity, and efficiency
  • Transportation System - assesses the performance of the statewide transportation system with a focus on the operation, preservation, and maintenance of the system
  • Workforce - focuses on the quality of the workplace environment and TDOT’s capability to achieve its mission and strategic direction

Transportation Performance Management (TPM) is part of the federal surface transportation system legislation that focuses on establishing a set of national performance goals and measures.  For more information, visit  Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Transportation Performance Management