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Proprietary Proprietary Product Certifications, Public Interest Findings and Experimental Products

Guidelines for Questions & Answers Regarding Title 23CFR 635.411
TDOT Guidelines for Submittal of Products Certifications (SOP 1-5) (PDF)
Proprietary Item Request & Justification Letter (MS Word)
TDOT Proprietary Product Tracking Sheet Updated August 14, 2017
TN Certifications  Updated August 14, 2017

Current Proprietary Products

Proprietary Item City of Columbia Synchronization (Expires 12-20-2019)
Proprietary Item City of Athens Controllers (Expires 12-02-2019)
Proprietary Item Lenior City Signalization (Expires 11-08-2019)
Proprietary Item Blount County and Cities of Alcoa and Maryville_Signalization (Expires 11-22-2019)
Proprietary Item Ripley PIN 120318 (Expires 1-14-2018)
Knoxville Proprietary Item Certification - Signals (Expires 4-25-2019)
Proprietary Item City of Nashville Controllers (Expires 7-29-2019)
Proprietary Item City of Johnson City EPAC (Expires 7-29-2019)
Proprietary Item Certification City of Crossville Signal Controller (Expires 3-28-2019)
Proprietary Item City of Crossville Wavetronix (Expires 6-6-2019)
Proprietary Item Request - Memphis Communicator Navigator (Expires 3-7-2019)
Mt. Juliet Signal Controllers (Expires 2-5-2019)
Springfield Traffic Signal Controllers and Emergency Pre-emption System (Expires 2-26-2019)
Proprietary Item Request - Memphis Detection System (Expires 3-7-19)
City of Soddy Daisy Signalization Components (Expires 10-5-2018)
Lewisburg Traffic Signal Controllers (Expires 9-21-2018)
Morristown Controllers (Expires 12-1-2017)
City of Bells Pavers (Expires 11-1-2017)
City of Columbia Controller (Expires 12-29-2018)
Clarksville River Trail Proprietary Item Request (Expires 9-1-2018)
Blount County Proprietary Request (Expires 10-26-2018)
City of Pulaski Signal Controllers (Expires 9-24-2018)
City of Pulaski Camera Detection Equipment (Expires 9-24-2018)
City of Farragut Emergency Preemption Equipment  (Expires 7-28-2018)​
City of Farragut Signal Controllers (Expires 7-28-2018)​
City of Linden Downtown Improvement Project (Expires 9-1-2017)​
City of Cleveland Opticon GPS (Expires 4-28-18)
City of Cleveland Signal Controllers (Expires 4-28-18)
Cleveland Industrial Ethernet Switch (Expires 6-16-2018)​
Middle TN Blvd in Murfreesboro (Expires 1-28-18)
City of Spring Hill Request for Simpson Strong-Tie (Expires 6-26-2018)​
Proprietary Item Cert- University of Memphis-STP-EN-9409(104)
Linden Downtown Enhancements Phase III (Expires 9-1-17)
City of Dickson (Expires 2-12-18)
Kingsport - Proprietary Item Req & Justification Conflict Monitors (Expires 1-28-18)
Kingsport - Proprietary Item Req & Justification Signal Controller (Expires 1-28-18)
Kingsport - Proprietary Item Req & Justification Video Detection (Expires -28-18)
Pigeon Forge Lighting (Expires 2-28-18)
City of Henderson Request for Sidewalk Improvement Project (Expires 1-21-18)
City of Memphis Request for Cobblestone Landing (Expires 1-21-18)
Shelby County Request to Specify Scofield Systems, Folia Industries, Lugar Foundry Items (Expires 12-22-17)
Sevierville Request to Specify Hadco RL34 (Expires 12-22-17)
Clarksville Request to Specify Eberle MMU Monitor (Expires 12-16-17)
Clarksville Request to Specify 3MGTT Opticom VEmergency Preemption System (Expires 12-16-17)
Morristown Request to Specify Wavetronix and Opticom Systems (Expires 11-14-17)
Camden_PIN 114973.00 (Expires 8-20-17)
Brentwood Request for Sensus iPearl meter (Expires 9-2-17)
Clarksville Request for Siemens Eagle EPAC Traffic Controller (Expires 9-26-17)
Cleveland Utilities and City of Cleveland Request for Wavetronix SmartSensor Matrix Radar Detection (Expires 9-26-17)
Chester County Request to Specify DuMor Inc. Bench and Trash Receptacle and Whiteacre-Greer paver (Expires 10-7-17)
City of Henderson to Specify DuMor Inc. Bench and Trash Receptacle and Whiteacre-Greer paver (Expires 10-7-17)
City of Brownsville to Specify  DuMor Inc. Bench and Trash Receptacle and Sternberg Pedestrian Light  (Expires 10-10-17)
City of Winchester Request for Simpson Strong-Tie (Expires 2-22-2018)
City of Columbia Traffic Controllers (Expires 10-5-2018)
City of Jefferson City Traffic Signal Controllers (Expires 10-5-2018)
Proprietary Item City of Jackson Traffic Signal Equipment (Expires 06-15-20)
Proprietary Item City of Nashville and Davidson County Signal Detection (Expires 06-20-20)
Proprietary Item Loudon County LED Street Lighting (Expires 05-08-20)
Proprietary Item Town of Tazewell Sidewalk Improvements (Expires 07-21-20)