TDOT Statewide Customer Survey - 2006

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) completed its first statewide customer satisfaction survey in July 2006. The purpose of the survey was to determine satisfaction levels with the quality of our state transportation system and to help identify and prioritize the transportation services and improvements that are most important to Tennesseans. 

The comprehensive survey consisted of three major components: (1) a Resident Survey, (2) an Elected Official Survey, and (3) a Benchmarking Survey with the eight states that border Tennessee.

Of the 6,000 Tennessee households that received the survey, 2,036 residents responded. A total of 208 elected officials participated in the survey, including 138 city mayors, 36 county mayors, and 34 state legislators. 

The overall results of the survey were favorable. Most residents thought TDOT was moving in the right direction and a majority indicated that they trusted TDOT officials to make good decisions. While the overall results of the survey were favorable, both residents and elected officials identified the four issues listed below as top priorities for the department to address. 

  • Repairing/maintaining existing highways and keeping road surfaces in good condition. 
  • Improving the visibility of striping at night and during wet weather. 
  • Improving drainage from the surface of highways during storms. 
  • Relieving congestion in urban areas. 

TDOT incorporated the survey results into its strategic planning process as it set its strategic direction for FY 2008- FY 2011. Agency plans identified actions to be taken to address the survey finding recommendations, focusing on the top four priorities for improvements.

Customer Surveys provide key information to better align agency priorities with the needs of our customers. To assess progress and identify emerging issues of importance to our customers, TDOT intends to survey customers on a two-three year cycle.

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For more information on the 2006 TDOT Statewide Customer Survey, please contact the Office of Strategic Planning at (615) 532-3507.