Traffic Operations Memorandums

Number Date Subject
TOM 1001 10-29-10 Regarding Traffic Cameras, Traffic Signals, and Speed Limits
TOM 1401 07-03-14 Guidelines for Gateway Monuments and Transportation Art
Guidelines for "Welcome to" Signs for Controlled Access Highways
TOM 1501 03-11-15 TN Supplement to the Standard Highway Signs Book
TOM 1502 12-14-15 Proposed Overhead Street Name Sign Layouts
TOM 1601 10-5-16 Regarding Revised, Voided, and/or New Standard Drawings
TOM 1602 12-23-16 Regarding Revised, Voided, and/or New Design Documents
TOM 1701 4-20-17 Regarding Revision to Standard Drawing T-SG-3
TOM 1702 10-2-17 Regarding TDOT No Longer Supporting Pole Designer Software