Road Safety Audits

A Road Safety Audit (RSA) enlists a multi-disciplinary management team to improve the safety of roadways and intersections for all users. RSAs are intended to eliminate or alleviate safety concerns that have been identified when studying crash data and from actual field investigations. RSAs are used primarily as “quick” improvements to correct safety issues such as lack of signing or striping or to correct minor geometric deficiencies. Typically, all improvements occur within the existing right-of-way and are completed within one (1) year of the final report.

The Project Safety Office also conducts systemic safety improvements that impact multiple locations with similar crash patterns or geometric layouts.  These include:  

  • Partial Cloverleaf Initiative
  • Intersection Action Plan
  • Roadway Departure Action Plan
  • Rural Shoulder Widening Initiative
  • High-friction Surface Treatments
  • Roadway Cable Barrier Median

The goal of the Project Safety Office is to reduce the total number and severity of crashes through reactive and proactive safety strategies, while expediting the project development process.  It should also be noted that the Project Safety Office received a National Roadway Safety Award for some RSAs that developed the “J-turn” alternate intersection design found in Maury County.

photo of J-turn intersection at Canaan Road & US 43/SR 6 in Mt Pleasant, Maury County
                         Canaan Road & US 43/SR 6 in Mt. Pleasant, Maury County

photo of safety reflectors and signage on SR 386 (Vietnam Veterans Blvd) in Sumner County
                                  SR 386/Vietnam Veterans Boulevard in Sumner County