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Needs of Children Adjudicated Delinquent in DCS Custody

Similarities to Dependent Neglected and Abused Children

After more than a decade of evaluating the well-being of children in state custody, including children judged to be dependent and neglected or abused, delinquent or unruly, the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth has developed a body of information about these children. One thing is clear from the Children's Program Outcome Review Team results, despite their adjudication, children in state custody share many problems and characteristics.

A report created for the Tennessee Department of Children's Services Justice for Juveniles Task Force describing these similarities and other characteristics is available in pdf and PowerPoint (Click on Read Only to Access) formats.

To see the PowerPoint presentation as a slide show in a Windows computer, right click and chose Full Screen. Left click to advance through the slide show. Hit escape to return to the file.

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