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Children’s Program Outcome Review Team

Children’s Program Outcome Review Team (CPORT) Tennessee law (TCA 37-3-103) empowers CPORT, under the direction of the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth (TCCY), to:

  • Advocate for efficient and effective programs and services for children and youth;
  • Identify and analyze problems concerning programs and services for children;
  • Recommend improvements for children’s programs and services;
  • Make recommendations for improvement of foster care;
  • Report on the impact of foster care review on children and youth in foster care;and
  • Make recommendations for improving the state’s foster care system.

CPORT Mission Statement

The Children’s Program Outcome Review Team (CPORT) is a comprehensive evaluation process designed to provide information needed to enhance and improve the service delivery system for all children in state custody and their families.

In 1993, the TCCY began development of an innovative evaluation process that “tests” service system performance and outcomes by examining relevant aspects of the lives of children and families being served by our state. The CPORT process was initiated in 1994 and continues to assess the status of children in state care. CPORT collects, analyzes, and organizes essential information about the status of children and families involved in state care, measures the effectiveness of the service delivery system, promotes positive system change by providing qualitative and quantitative information about the status of the child/family and service system functioning, and guides policymakers toward decisions that enhance the safety and well-being of children and families.

CPORT Information