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22nd Annual Children’s Advocacy Days: The Art of Advocacy

2010 CAD Gubernatorial Debate

For 23 years TCCY has equipped child advocates with information and skills to help them speak out on behalf of the state’s children. However, we know advocacy is more than just information, rules and relationships: It’s an art.

The Art of Advocacy is the theme for the 2011 Children’s Advocacy Days.

Arts – music, dance and visual, fine and crafty, high and low – are at home in Tennessee. Whether internationally recognized like folk sculptor William Edmondson and Reese Witherspoon or just enjoyed by friends and family, artists add meaning to life in this state. And a life well lived is a work of art.

Art and creative expression are also powerful tools for reclaiming young people at risk.

TCCY will be calling upon artists, young and old, to paint a picture of the art of advocacy and to showcase the talents of young Tennesseans.

Many advocates have gathered for most of the more than 20 years TCCY has organized CAD. This year they will be getting to know new faces, as the state has a new governor and many new legislators. And, new people will be introduced to the Art of Advocacy.

The event is free, but to assure we have food, space and materials for everyone, please register.

2011 Online Registration

Register for CAD online here.

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