TIES Training

TIES Basic Certification Class

The TIES basic certification class is a course to instruct and certify agency personnel in all aspects of TIES/NCIC/Nlets use. Class attendance is limited to no more than 4 employees from an agency, at one time, and must be scheduled by the Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC). A student’s name must be provided in order for a class space to be reserved. "Holds" will not be accepted. Basic certification classes begin at 8:30 a.m. CST, each day and are held at:

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
901 R. S. Gass Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37216

Individuals with disabilities who require special accommodations, or alternate communication formats are encouraged to contact a TIES Training Staff Member at (615) 744-4600 at least five (5) days prior to the date of the scheduled training class so that these accommodations can be made.

The TIES Basic Certification Classes are two days and will focus on NCIC files only. Classes will alternate using Omnixx and eAgent software. Refer to the class schedule below regarding the type of software being used in each class.

The procedure for students attending the TIES Basic Certification Class is as follows:

  • Each student must be query certified before attending the TIES Basic Certification Class.
  • A Terminal Operator Eligibility Form (TOEF) for the student must be submitted to TBI at least two weeks in advance, so that it can be entered for query certification testing purposes.
  • Each student must complete the query check-off sheet located on the TIESnet, attaching a copy of the YQ/YR/AM test messages sent to themselves. The student must bring the query check-off sheet and YQ/YR/AM attachments ONLY with them to class. Students should not print the RQ, DQ, or criminal history transactions.
  • A list of TEST Records can be downloaded from the TIESnet to be used when completing the check-off sheet. If the student is training with a certified operator on the TIES computer, real transactions can be used in lieu of test records to complete the check-off sheet. 
  • The TAC and student must initial the check-off sheet in the appropriate location.
  • The student must pass the Query Certification test with a score of 76 or above prior to attending the TIES Basic Certification Class.
  • At the conclusion of the TIES Basic Certification Class the student must pass the Basic Certification test with a score of 76 or above to become Basic Certified.

TAC Orientation

As new TAC or Alternate TAC appointments are made, those individuals are required to attend a one-day TAC orientation session. Class is held at TBI Headquarters beginning at 8:30 a.m. CST. An appointment letter from the agency administrator must be submitted to TBI, prior to the scheduled class.

The attendee will receive a copy of the TAC Handbook and other related handouts via email at least one week prior to class. It is the attendees' responsibility to make copies and bring them to class.

TIES User Group Conference

The annual TIES User Group conferences provide the required annual training for all TACs and Alternate TACs in Tennessee. 

TIES Review Classes

The TIES Review Classes are held regionally and begin at 8:30 a.m. These classes provide the required annual training for TACs and Alternate TACs, who are unable to attend the TIES User Group conference. To schedule attendance for classes, contact TIES Network Operations by Teletype at TNTBI0000. If you need further assistance, call (615) 744-4000.