New TIES Agency Information

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation serves as the State Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Systems Agency (CSA). The role of the CSA is to provide access to the FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems to local law enforcement agencies who use (NCIC, IAFIS, III) as well as State of Tennessee specific systems (Tennessee Criminal History Repository, Sex Offender Registry) and also the International Justice and Public Safety Network (Nlets), which provides access to other states’ systems. The CSA (TBI) is responsible to the FBI and Nlets for the security and access to that data. The network that is used to transport that data from TBI to the local agency is the TIES network.

Instead of a monthly submission charge, agencies are charged a quarterly flat rate, determined by their route of connectivity (T1 line, State WAN, etc.).  Additionally, TBI bills those agencies that are connected to the TIES network to recover the costs associated with maintaining the network. In some cases, the State Wide Area Network (WAN) is used as the backbone. TBI is billed monthly by the State Office for Information Resources (OIR) for the WAN connectivity of each agency as well as each TN registration and TN driver license query made by agencies across the state and each State pays $4,000/month for the Nlets connectivity.  Local agencies are also required to have a Cisco PIX encryption device installed to ensure our compliance with the FBI and Nlets Security Policies. OIR also manages those devices for TBI and bills us monthly for those services.  Finally, there is the cost for continued maintenance of the TIES network.  All of those charges are used in determining the quarterly fees that TIES agencies are billed. 

Several TIES software vendors have been approved through TBI.  To view a list, go to the TIES Software Vendors page.  TBI does not endorse any particular TIES software vendor and there may be others not listed that provide the same services. However, if your agency chooses a software vendor, other than those on the list provided, please ensure that they complete the required approval process through TBI.

The process to go on-line with TIES takes approximately twelve weeks to complete. To begin this process, please submit a letter of request and include the following information:

  • The chosen route of connectivity and if applicable, the specific location where the communication line is to be installed. Location includes the street address, room number, floor number, and room description if necessary. Also, indicate the location where the TIES terminal(s) will be located.
  • Indicate a specific time frame that the agency expects to be on-line with TIES.
  • OIR (Office for Information Resources) is the department that will coordinate the installation of the communication line and PIX, if applicable. In the letter, the agency must acknowledge the fee(s) for this service, along with the applicable quarterly charges the agency will incur.
  • Include the names and telephone numbers for a primary and secondary contact person at the agency, who will be coordinating this installation.
  • The TIES training schedule can be located under TIES Training Information.
  • The appointment of a Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) is required.  The appointment must be made by the agency administrator and included in the letter of request. The TAC must:
    • Be Basic Certified (2 day class offered at TBI);
    • Complete a one-day TAC Orientation class offered at TBI; and
    • Meet an annual 8-hour training requirement necessary for TAC recertification.
  • The agency’s primary Originating Agency Identifier (ORI), if assigned, the number, type of devices that will access TIES and the software that will be utilized. Additionally, a request for a site check, if applicable. If an ORI has not been assigned to the agency, review the following link for instructions on how to apply.

The agency administrator must sign the letter and submit it to:

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
Attention: CJIS Support Center
901 R.S. Gass Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37216
Fax:  (615) 744-4555

Once a request has been received from a potential new TIES agency, someone from the CSC will be in contact with the agency to assist in this process. Call (615) 744-4000 with questions concerning TIES access.