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Tennessee Highway Patrol Survey

Thank you for your interest in our survey. This survey is for commenting on your experience with a Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper. Please answer the questions below and click "Send Survey" at the bottom to send us your feedback.

1. When was your most recent experience with a State Trooper?

2. What was the nature of your interaction with the Trooper?

Choose all that apply.

3. If you requested assistance, approximately how long did you have to wait for the Trooper to arrive?

Please rate your level of satisfaction with the Trooper you encountered in the following categories:

Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Extremely
4. Professionalism
5. Respectfulness
6. Courtesy
7. Helpfulness

8. Overall, how satisfied were you with the Trooper's conduct during your most recent experience?

9. How would you rate the overall competency of the Tennessee Highway Patrol?

10. How would you rate the overall performance of the Tennessee Highway Patrol?

11. How can the Tennessee Highway Patrol improve their level of service?

Choose all that apply.

12. How do you think the Tennessee Highway Patrol can be more accessible and responsive to public concerns, needs, and requests?

Choose all that apply.

How important are each of the following traffic safety issues to you?

Neutral Not Very
13. Safety and Security while Driving in Tennessee
14. Cell Phone Use While Driving
15. Distracted Drivers
16. Alcohol/Drug-Impaired Drivers
17. Unsafe Equipment/Vehicles
18. Moving Violations (Speeding, Following Too Closely, etc.)
19. Reckless/Aggressive Drivers
20. Road Hazards
21. Seatbelt/Child Restraint Violations
22. Unqualified Drivers (Driving without a license)
23. DUI Checkpoints
24. Drivers License Checkpoints
25. Safety Belt Checkpoints
26. Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety and Enforcement
27. Reduction of Roadway Fatalities and Fatal Traffic Crashes

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and assisting us with our efforts to improve the quality of services offered by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

If you have additional comments, please email us at