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Disclosure of Interests Local Office Holders and Candidates


All local public officeholders and all candidates for a local public office are required under the Comprehensive Governmental Ethics Reform Act of 2006 to file a “Statement of Disclosure of Interests” with the Tennessee Ethics Commission. o A “local public officeholder” is any state, county, municipal, school or other district or precinct office that is filled by voters (e.g., an elected office) as defined in T.C.A. § 2-10-102 (13)(A). o A “newly-appointed local public officeholder” is an individual who was appointed to fill a vacancy in an elected local public office. In addition, Disclosure Statements must be filed by District attorneys general and public defenders for each judicial district and the Executive Director of the District Attorneys General Conference, and each supreme court justice, each judge of the court of criminal appeals, each judge of the court of appeals and the administrative director of the courts.

Filed Statements of Disclosure of Interests