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In December of 2005, Governor Phil Bredesen called a special legislative session to focus the attention, will and efforts of the Legislative and Executive branches of government on the passage of strong ethics legislation.  Governor Bredesen’s call addressed a variety of specific issues, including ethical standards of conduct by government officials; contribution limits and disclosure in political campaigns; the open operation of government; the formation of an independent ethics commission; and penalties for violations of ethical standards.  As a result, the 104th Tennessee General Assembly passed the Comprehensive Governmental Ethics Reform Act of 2006 in an effort to protect and secure the governmental process from corruption and abuse and to provide transparency to the citizens of the State. 

The Tennessee Ethic Commission (“Commission”) was created in an effort to sustain the public’s confidence in government by increasing the integrity and transparency of state and local government through the regulation of lobbying activities, financial disclosure requirements and ethical conduct.

Under T.C.A. § 3-6-103 the Commission is comprised of six (6) members.  They are appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  The Governor appoints one (1) member of the majority party and one (1) member of the minority party, and each Speaker appoints one (1) member of the majority party and one (1) member of the minority party.