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Advice for Seniors

Due to their vulnerably, it is often the case that fraudulent solicitors target the elderly by attempting to confuse or force them into giving without their consent. In fact, a 1995 AARP study found that more than half of the individuals targeted for victimization were age 50 or older – a particularly high proportion since people in that age group comprise only one-third of the general population.  While such victimization isn’t completely preventable, utilizing some important safety tips can help to avoid such instances where possible.

Useful tips regarding the seniors:

  • Never let any salesperson/solicitor fill out a check for them.  Infact, don't let them in the door.  Solicitors have been known to call and then show up in nursing homes to assist with their
  • Give power of attorney to their next of kin now, so they can manage the unwanted mail and phone problems, theft from accounts, credit reports, etc.
  • Hang up the phone if they do not know the caller.  They are not required to be polite on unwanted calls.
  • Avoid giving out their checking account number for automatic debits. Instead, get the business's address and tell them you'll schedule a payment to go to them.
  • Know the correct name of the charity they always give to and be aware of all the sound-alike charities out there.
  • Call their state charity regulator to check out the registration and financial status of whoever called or wrote before responding with a donation.  Call for all the reasons mentioned above.

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