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The Office of Small Business Advocate

The Office of Small Business Advocate serves as a point of contact to state government for owners of businesses with fifty (50) or fewer employees. The Office of Small Business Advocate is located within the Comptroller of the Treasury.

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Non Resident Fiduciary

Name of Trust, Estate or Person

Lawson, II, Joseph W.        
Estate of Marguerite F. Lawson
Lawson, Jr., J. Calvin        
Estate of Nannie Bell Lawson
Lawson, Jr., Robert A.        
Estate of Jeanette J. Lawson
Lawton, Diane Guinn        
Estate of Margaret Thornburg Guinn, Deceased
Lawwill, Theodore        
Estate of Sue F. Lawwill
Lawyer, Joyce        
Estate of Phyllis Dale
Leatherwood, Laura        
Estate of Howard Earnest
Leatherwood, Richard L.        
Estate of Grace W. Anthony
Leavenworth, Donald A.        
Estate of Donald Parris Leavenworth
Leffew, Steven E        
Estate of Helen B Leffew, Deceased
Lew, Kathy        
Estate of Dorothy Irvin Patterson
Lewallen, Norma Jean        
Estate of Robert S. Adams, Deceased
Lewan, Peggy Ann        
Estate of Margaret Barkus
Lewine, Richard R.J.        
Estate of Morris Lewine
Lewis, Beverly C.        
Estate of Howard M. Lewis
Lewis, Billie R.        
Estate of Eva Mae Caston
Lewis, Brenda F.        
Estate of Kyle H. Fultz
Lewis, Claire        
Estate of James R. Fleming
Lewis, Debbie        
Estate of Emory F. Coleman
Lewis, Diane        
Estate of Andrell W. Henry, Deceased
Lewis, Dolores W.        
Estate of Linda W. Shapray
Lewis, Earl Ralls        
Estate of Lorine Ralls Steinhauer
Lewis, Francis C.        
Estate of Beauton Amos
Lewis, Harvey G.        
Estate of Marion J. Lewis
Lewis, John Thomas        
Estate of Thomas Arthur Lewis
Lewis, Juanita Kathryn        
Estate of David Frank Clark
Lewis, Julie        
Estate of William A. Lewis
Lewis, Kathren        
Estate of Roland M. McPherson, Deceased
Lewis, Kenneth E.        
Estate of Grace W. Lewis
Lewis, Mark S.        
Estate of Diane Ellen Clarkl, Deceased
Lewis, Michael T.        
Estate of Regina C. Lewis, Deceased
Lewis, Patricia McGuire        
Estate of Jennie Hudson McGuire
Lewis, Raymond H.        
Estate of Charles H. Brown
Lewis, Richard D.        
Estate of Sylvia C. Lewis
Lewis, Richard E.        
Estate of Olive Dobbins Lewis
Lewis, Richard E.        
Estate of Olive Dobbins Lewis, Deceased
Lewis, Rodney C.        
Estate of Louise Lewis Wiseman
Lewis, Sam        
Estate of Roscoe D. Lewis
Lewis, Teresa Ellen        
Estate of Marie Good Oxidine a/k/a Samma Marie Oxidine
Lewis, Teresa Ellen        
Estate of Robert R. Oxidine
Lewis, Tuttle Knight        
Estate of Gerald B. Knight, Jr.
Lewis, Wallace        
Estate of Magnolia Cummings
Lewis, Walter Robert        
Estate of Emma Dollie Lewis
Lewis, 3rd, Leslie Ray        
Estate of Regina C. Lewis, Deceased
Lewis, Jr., Frank Davis        
Estate of Ila A. McCorpin
Lewis-Rouse, Sharon        
Estate of Robert S. Lewis, Jr.
Lewkowicz, Sally M.        
Estate of Kraig A. Tallman, Deceased
Llewellyn, John Clark        
Estate of Clark Calfee Llewellyn
Lockwood, Earline        
Estate of Harvey Harrison (Joe) Hess
Lockwood, Edward        
Estate of Charles Edward Lockwood
Lockwood, Jessica Lynn        
Estate of Renee Sue Lockwood
Lockwood, Vanessa Smallwood        
Estate of Deems William Smallwood
Low, Patricia A.        
Estate of Myrtle V. Low
Lowe, Donald H.        
Estate of Cleo Lou Lowe
Lowe, Larry D.        
Estate of Hal Dean Lowe
Lowe, Larry Dean        
Estate of Wilma Lawson Lowe
Lowe, Willa Mae        
Estate of Delea Cox
Lowery, Kay        
Estate of Loyd A. Garland, Sr.
Lowery, Nathan        
Estate of Susie Mae Maness
Lowery, Pamela S.        
Estate of Dilmus Mack Rogers, Jr.
Lowery, Jr., Clarence R.        
Estate of Ruby V. Lowery
Lowman, Katheryn        
Estate of James B. Thompson
Lowrie, Gerald M.        
Estate of Frances L. Smith
Lowrie, James F.        
Estate of Frances L. Smith
Lowry, Brook Alan        
Estate of Robert Samuel Lowry
Lowry, Virginia Ann        
Estate of Joe P. Ferloni
Lutkowitz, Patricia Tepper        
Estate of Bernard Tepper, Deceased
Macilwaine, Linda Wilson        
Estate of Kathryn Jameson Wilson
Marcinowski, A. Thomas        
Estate of George E. Wilson
Marks-Whooper, Gail        
Estate of Rosetta V. Lopez Whooper
Marlow, Beth Ann T.        
Estate of Gifford L. Trotter
Marlow, Connie Darlene        
Estate of Clarence O. French
Marlow, Gordon R.        
Estate of Linda Sue Trotter
Marlow, John L.        
Estate of Jo Ann Marlow
Marlow, Marian        
Estate of James William Fisher
Marlow, Randall Harold        
Estate of Marie Marlow [Anna Marie (Hinch) Marlow]
Marlowe, Leslie Carson        
Estate of Ray M. Carson
Marlowe, Virginia        
Estate of John Daniel Sinks, Deceased
Marlowe, Jr, Mark V        
Estate of Louise Mitchel Marlowe
Martin Stewart, Barbara Jean        
Estate of Rosie Annie Martin
Martin-Schwing, Marian        
Estate of Marie F. Ramsey, Deceased
Massey Brown, Lynnis Kathryn        
Estate of Eldridge Massey
Mathew, Deborah        
Estate of Charlotte Earline Lape
Mathews, Jennifer Lee        
Estate of Anne Q. Mathews
Mathews, Laura L.        
Estate of Thomas Workman
Mathews, Lawrence Allen        
Estate of Earnest Allen Mathews
Matthews, Charles Kenneth        
Estate of Oda T. Hahn
Matthews, Cynthia Clark        
Estate of Frances Elizabeth Clark
Matthews, Pamela Anne        
Estate of Barbara Schiele
Matthews, Randall        
Estate of Marjorie Matthews Russell
Matthews, Tracy D.        
Estate of Edna M. Matthews
Mawhee, Colette Elizabeth        
Estate of Robert Mawhee
Mawyer, Gloria Bryant        
Estate of Bertha Pugh Bryant
Maxwell, Aaron        
Estate of Sammie S. Sain
Maxwell, Elizabeth M.        
Estate of Larry Wayne Saddler
Maxwell, Gwen        
Estate of Ron Frederick Maxwell
Maxwell, Mabel        
Estate of Martha M. Raines
Maxwell, Margaret Ann        
Estate of Martha Schenck Evans, Deceased
McAndrew, J. Thomas        
Estate of Kathryn F. McAndrew
McAndrew, James H.        
Estate of Isabelle W. McAndrew
Found: 2267   Displaying:  701-800 Page: 8  of 23
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