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The Office of Small Business Advocate

The Office of Small Business Advocate serves as a point of contact to state government for owners of businesses with fifty (50) or fewer employees. The Office of Small Business Advocate is located within the Comptroller of the Treasury.

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Non Resident Fiduciary

Name of Trust, Estate or Person

Gill Ryska, Ginger Estella        
Estate of Charles B. Gill
Gillen, Donald M.        
Estate of Raymond Groves Burrington
Gillenwater, Billy Eugene        
Estate of Albert Lee Gillenwater
Gillenwater, Iris        
Estate of Herbert Doran Stanley
Gilleo, Holly        
Estate of Bonnie M. Gilleo
Gilles, Shane Allen        
Estate of Tresea Carey
Gillespie, Brenda L.        
Estate of Ethel M. Smith
Gillespie, Dale M.        
Estate of Virginia G. Gillespie
Gillespie, Sandra Rockfield        
Estate of Martin Lawrence Rockfield
Gillespie, William George        
Estate of Margaret Annetta Gillespie
Gillespie, Jr., Marvin E.        
Estate of Virginia G. Gillespie
Gilley, Francis Darryl        
Estate of Glenn Michael Wilson Gilley
Gilliam, Dona Jane        
Estate of Melba Still Gilliam
Gilliam, Rebecca        
Estate of Robert H. Gilliam
Gillis, Norma        
Estate of Macy O. Welch
Gilman, Carole Ann        
Estate of Teresa C. Travis, Deceased
Gilmer, Eugenia S.        
Estate of Doris Locker Stowers
Gilmer, Jane        
Estate of Arlena Roberts Crabb
Gilmore, David L.        
Estate of Vera W. Gilmore
Gilpin, Hortencia M.        
Estate of M. Tyson Gilpin
Gilpin, McGhee Tyson        
Estate of Kenneth N. Gilpin, Jr.
Gilpin, Thomas T.        
Estate of Kenneth N. Gilpin, Jr.
Gilroy, James Albert        
Estate of Catherine M. Gilroy
Gilroy, James Albert        
Estate of Thomas P. Gilroy
Gilroy, Marilyn P.        
Estate of Margrite Price
Gilster, Peter S.        
Estate of Thomas Sprigg Gilster
Gilstrap, Carolyn        
Estate of Laura Eloise Condra Rector
Gimlick, Katherine A.        
Estate of Gertie J. Chadwick
Gindele, Rebecca G.        
Estate of Lynn Ayers Manzelmann
Gingrich, Douglas        
Estate of Roy Edward Gingrich
Ginn, Carol C.        
Estate of Donald Lee Crawford
Ginn, Robert W.        
Estate of Nell Fisher Ginn
Ginther, Wilma        
Estate of Luther Crumley
Giobbi, Elinor Turner        
Estate of Elinor R. Turner
Giordano, William J.        
Gipson, Kim        
Estate of Michael Dewayne Beard
Gipson, Matthew Wade        
Estate of Donald Wayne Gipson
Gipson, Terry        
Estate of Jerry Lee Gipson
Givan, Jerry Clark        
Estate of Neil M. Givan
Givens, Caroline A.        
Estate of Ernest Wayne Bullard
Givens, Donald G.        
Estate of Nola G. Givens
Givens, William Doyle        
Estate of William Patterson Givens
Gladden, Jerry D.        
Estate of Sammie Jean Gladden
Gladden, Peggy        
Estateof Harrie E. Triplett, Deceased
Glaser, Cathy S.        
Estate of David Schatz
Glaser, Cathy S.        
Estate of Paula N. Schatz
Glaser, Susan Elaine        
Estate of Isabel Joshlin Glaser
Glass, Charles Stewart        
Estate of Franklin E. Glass
Glass, Charles Stewart        
Estate of Mary Stewart Glass, Deceased
Glass, Diane Sturm        
Estate of Frances Alper Strum
Glass, James Byron        
Estate of George Thomas Glass
Glass, James Byron        
Estate of Treva Belle Glass
Glass, Virginia        
Estate of Lloyd George Lewis
Glass, III, J. M.        
Estate of Betty Jeanne Glass
Glass, Sr., Russell B.        
Estate of Vicky Lane Glass
Glasscock, III, Lonnie        
Estate of Reanie Glasscock
Glasser, Gene K.        
Estate of Wanda Lee Burton
Glassman, Sara M.        
Estate of Arthur C. Glassman, II
Glaus, Lynne McMillan        
Estate of Howard L. Boorman
Glauser, George        
Estate of Ruby O. Hamilton
Glay, Sr., William K.        
Estate of Ambrose Weah
Glay, Sr., William K.        
Estate of Andy Weah
Glay, Sr., William K.        
Estate of Josephine Logan
Glenn, Kenneth Richard        
Estate of Stella Loretta Glenn, deceased
Glenn, Thomas C.        
Estate of Robert W. Glenn
Glenn, Jr., Robert        
Estate of Theodore Franklin Marlowe
Glodowski, Becky L.        
Estate of Nannie D. Byrd
Gloss, Theresa Helen        
Estate of Frank Peter Gloss
Glover, Betty        
Estate of Amanda T. Logan
Glover, Bruce I.        
Estate of Dale Louis Glover
Glover, James F.        
Estate of Shirley Glover Countiss
Glover, Joanne Counts        
Estate of Lucile Frances Kreger a/k/a Lucille Frances Kreger
Glover, Mary E.        
Glover, Walton Cossitt        
Estate of Catharine Glover Caldwell
Gluba, Nannette N.        
Estate of Zella Mae Neely
Gmiter, Margaret A.        
Estate of Marguerite S. Ball
Goalder, Jennifer Lynne        
Estate of Becky Anne DePaul
Gobbell, Kenneth Wayn        
Estate of Carrie Bell Gobbell
Gocha, Diane        
Estate of James S. Schneider
Gockel, Carolyn Crouch        
Estate of Thomas Gordon Crouch
Goddard, Patricia Lynn        
Estate of Evelyn Griffin Goddard
Goddard, Sandra B.        
Estate of Robert K. Brooks
Godfrey, Sue Ann        
Estate of Robert Leonard Mead
Godsey Jr, James H        
Estate of Edith June Godsey, Deceased
Godwin, Caroline H.        
Estate of Carles J. Hancock, Sr., Deceased
Godwin, Jr., Adrain Kanoy        
Estate of Carol Josephine Godwin
Goebbel, Brenda Gail        
Estate of Frankie Lucille Hawn
Goebel, Clarence Edwin        
Estate of Litha Emma Goebel
Goeller, Joanne K.        
Estate of Marilyn E. Jeffers
Goers, Sue Pinkerton        
Estate of Norma Lee Duval, Deceased
Goff, Cynthia        
Estate of Samuel Riley,
Goff, Donald Gary        
Estate of Mary R. Goff, Deceased
Goff, Janice H.        
Trust U/A for Anna Carolyn Joyner
Goff, Janice H.        
Trust U/A for Hayden Linlay Joyner
Goff, Janice H.        
Trust U/A for Victoria Elaine Joyner
Goff, Janice H.        
Trust U/A for William Stephens Joyner
Goff, Jr., William Neal        
Estate of William Neal Goff, Sr.
Goffena, Ronald F.        
Estate of Beverly L. Patton
Goforth, Robert Alex        
Estate of Robert Clarence Goforth aka Bob C. Goforth, aka Bobby C. Goforth
Goggins, Betty        
Estate of Eva Ruth Dill
Found: 2237   Displaying:  701-800 Page: 8  of 23
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