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The Office of Small Business Advocate

The Office of Small Business Advocate serves as a point of contact to state government for owners of businesses with fifty (50) or fewer employees. The Office of Small Business Advocate is located within the Comptroller of the Treasury.

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Non Resident Fiduciary

Name of Trust, Estate or Person

Range, Harry S.        
Estate of James J. Range
Rankhorn, Terry Allen        
Estate of Betty June Williams
Rankin, William J.        
Estate of Herman O. Arnold, Jr.
Rankin, Jr., Kent K.        
Estate of Mary M. Rankin
Ransom, James        
Estate of Alene Williams
Rantzow, Richard C.        
Shelby County Probate Court C-0003437
Rapier, Carolyn D.        
Estate of Glenn Franklin Mays
Rapisarda, Sheri Asten        
Estate of Lisa Dawn Fineis
Rapp, Sister Barbara        
Estate of Mary Virginia Greaber
Rapp, Stephen D.        
Estate of Louise D. Rapp
Rapson, Brent        
Estate of Marcella Jane Cross
Rapson, Brent        
Estate of Oliver O. Cross
Rasberry, Tony C.        
Estate of Irene Childress Campbell
Rasmussen, Mavis        
Estate of Ressie Odell Sauer
Rasnake, Gladys        
Estate of Bessie Ellen Houser
Rasnake, Gladys E.        
Estate of William E. Rasnake
Rast, Richard R.        
Estate of Lee R. Rast
Ratcliffe, Laura Maden        
Estate of Virginia Diehl Maden
Raterman, Bernard J.        
Estate of Martha Feth Raterman
Rathkamp, Donna Spurling        
Estate of Boyd Houston Spurling
Rathkamp, Donna Spurling        
Estate of Ellen Louise Spurling
Ratiteri, Lynn        
Estate of Mary Cox, Deceased
Ratliff, Virgil C.        
Estate of Oma Lee Reichstein
Ratz, Eugene A.        
Estate of Beatrice B. Grissom
Rau, Dora R.        
Estate of Robert K. Rau
Rauckman, Linda        
Estate of Jessica Lacy Jones
Raughton, Jimmie L        
Estate of George Leonard Raughton, Deceased
Rauh, Denise        
Estate of: Edna E. Maher
Raulerson, Charlene H.        
Estate of Ralph Hodges
Rausch, Marie        
Estate of Bertha M. Stewart
Raven, Sandra        
Estate of Dorothy Waggoner
Rawlings, Jennifer        
Estate of John Whitney Rawlings
Rawlings Cerra, Martha Lee        
Estate of Gladys Fox Rawlings
Rawson, III, Freeman L.        
Estate of Freeman L. Rawson
Ray, Aaron Michael        
Estate of Joyce Simmons Ray
Ray, Annie Maud        
Estate of William Louis Davis
Ray, Charles E.        
Estate of Mildred Harrison Ray
Ray, David Harold        
Estate of Travis Harold Ray
Ray, Ginger Lynn        
Estate of Travis Harold Ray
Ray, Jack H.        
Estate of Jo Alice Weaver Morey
Ray, James Randall        
Estate of Ronald Payne Ray
Ray, Kathleen R.        
Estate of Robert W. Davison, Jr.
Ray, Linda Gail        
Estate of Charles Henry DeLay, Sr.
Ray, Lisa J.        
Estate of Mildred Imogene Harden
Ray, Robert C.        
Estate of Alice Jane Searle
Ray, Sandra Epperson        
Estate of Mary Epperson Dalton
Ray, Tim        
Estate of: Delana Ray
Ray, Jr., John D.        
Estate of Doris M. Ray
Ray, Jr., William E.        
Estate of Kay Barfield
Rayburn, David        
Estate of Helen P. Rayburn
Rayford, Sr., Terry D.        
Estate of Ella Jean Moore
Raymond, Brian        
Estate of B. L. Raymond
Raymond, Kimberly Jane        
Estate of Lex D. Brown
Rea, Kimberlea S.        
Estate of Jeannine S. Rea
Rea, Robert S.        
Estate of Samuel D. Rea
Read, Ronald K.        
Estate of Blanche V. Read
Read, Ronald K.        
Estate of Foy E. Read
Ready, Evelyn B.        
Estate of Jack R. Brown Jr.
Reames, Robert Clark        
Estate of Tillman Burgamy Gillespie, Jr.
Reams, Leslie Lawson        
Estate of Robert Lawson Reams
Reasin, Hugh L.        
Estate of Henry Cole Reasin
Reasons, Gregory        
Estate of Marjorie Sue Reasons
Reasor, David Alan        
Estate of Robert Eugene Reasor
Reaves, Sr., Nicholas M.        
Shelby County Probate Court B-32261
Reback, Joel        
Estate of Sidney Renert
Recio, Hermisenda        
Estate of William L. Hedges
Rector, Gerald Ray        
Estate of Perry Jackson Rector
Redd, Kevin Lynn        
Estate of Kenneth Lynn Redd
Reddy, John J.        
Estate of Mary L. Morrissey
Redferin, Sandra B.        
Estate of Dan E. Burysek, Sr.
Reding, John Michael        
Estate of Myrtle Beatrice Lewis a/k/a Myrtle B. Stanfill
Redman, Daniel        
Estate of Diana Lane, Deceased
Redmon, Charles Roe        
Estate of Relia D. Redmon
Redmond, Cathy Sue Drummer        
Estate of James Robert Mellon
Redmond, Jr., Billy Glenn        
Estate of Roberta Smith Redmond
Redwine, Alexandra        
Estate of Robert P. Feldman
Redwine, Elmer D.        
Estate of Gladys H. Broyles
Redwine, Katherine B.        
Estate of Rose Eleanor Benemann, Deceased
Reece, Deborah Anna        
Estate of Katherine A. Sells
Reece, Leon        
Estate of David Reece
Reece, Marsha Ann        
Estate of Roy Milton Baughman
Reece, Paul        
Estate of Dale Fate Reece
Reece, Ronald        
Estate of Juanita Marie Reece
Reece, Wilma Jean        
Knox County Probate Court 55877-1
Reece Eiswert, Tracy Lynn        
Estate of Scott Walter Eiswert
Reed, Billie G.        
Estate of Reba A. Callahan
Reed, Carl G.        
Estate of William C. Reed
Reed, Carl Mack        
Estate of Lillian Reed
Reed, David L.        
Estate of Martin L. Reed
Reed, David M.        
Estate of Hubert Donald Reed, Jr.
Reed, Dianne        
Estate of Gail Yvonne Lindbom
Reed, Dinah Susan        
Estate of James Evan Reed
Reed, Donna Ruth        
Estate of Ruby O. Gibson
Reed, Gregory        
Estate of Irving W. Reed
Reed, Helen L.        
Estate of Ethel M. Warren
Reed, Henry W.        
Estate of Ruth Reed, Deceased
Reed, Joan G.        
Estate of Jessie Post Gough
Reed, John Mark        
Estate of H. Grady Reed
Reed, Margaret Mattson        
Estate of Gertrude Shafer Mattson
Reed, Paul L.        
Estate of Martin L. Reed
Found: 7826   Displaying:  5601-5700 Page: 57  of 79
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