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The Office of Small Business Advocate

The Office of Small Business Advocate serves as a point of contact to state government for owners of businesses with fifty (50) or fewer employees. The Office of Small Business Advocate is located within the Comptroller of the Treasury.

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Non Resident Fiduciary

Name of Trust, Estate or Person

Purdy, Debra Kay        
Estate of Robert Lewis Bonta
Purkey, Fred Boyd        
Estate of Lila Christine Purkey, Deceased
Purkey, George William        
Estate of Gary Wayne Purkey
Purkey, George William        
Estate of Virginia Marue Purkey
Purkey, Jennifer        
Estate of James Venable Tabor
Purkey, Jennifer        
Estate of Jeffery Lynn Tabor
Purks, Dori        
Estate of Frederick Thomas Claterback, Deceased
Purple, Robert L.        
Estate of David Alan Purple
Pursifull, Brent B.        
Estate of Warren A. Pursifull
Quarles, Gary L.        
Estate of Bernice Ruth Tallant
Quarles, Jerry A.        
Estate of Lois Viola Landrum
Quarles, Sr., Theodore Runyon        
Estate of Billie Ruth Quarles-Deceased
Quarters, Gary F.        
Estate of Nissa Katheryn Quarters
Quemore, William J.        
Estate of Ruth Quemore
Querin, Scott        
Estate of Robert D. Woodard
Quesenbery, Jr., Billy G.        
Estate of Lena J. Quesenbery
Quickmire, Carl R.        
Estate of Minnie Johnson Barton
Quinn, Jr., William Patrick        
Estate of William P. Quinn
Raaen, Nial Kip        
Estate of Vernon F. Raaen
Rabenau, Betty F.        
Estate of Elizabeth D. Finney
Raby, Bennetta        
Estate of Thelma G. Durham
Raby, Bryant Alan        
Estate of Fred Gene Raby
Rackley, Jr., Paul Foster        
Estate of Leta Ion Rackley
Radden, Craig        
Estate of Clara Clorena Sparkman
Rader, Charles Phillip        
Estate of Mary Lowe Rader, Deceased
Rader, Mary Elizabeth        
Estate of Mamie Lee Case Utley
Radford, James Edward        
Estate of John Henry Radford
Radford, Lemoine A.        
Estate of Frederick Afman, Deceased
Radovich, David A.        
Estate of Mildred M. Radovich
Ragan, Mary        
Estate of Delmer O. Hopkins
Ragle, Donald E.        
Estate of George E. Ragle
Ragsdale, Lois L.        
Ragsdale, Robert        
Estate of Thelma Louise Ragsdale
Ragusa, Edward Vincent        
Estate of Mary P. Baker
Rahtz, Sarah Katherine Fields        
Estate of Belvae Ellen Rogers
Raiford, Robin Elizabeth        
Estate of Barney Wayne Franklin
Raine, Diane H.        
Estate of Josephine C. Holcomb
Rainer, Courtney L.        
Estate of Virginia L. Beasley
Rainer, Jerry W.        
Estate of Martha Christine Rainer
Raines, Carol        
Estate of Jeanette Martin
Raines, Carol        
Estate of Myrtle Martin
Raines, Kytrine        
Estate of Bruce Hendrickson
Rainey, Jimmy Paul        
Estate of Jimmy Eudine Rainey
Rainey, Monica Rector        
Estate of Sandra Elaine Rector
Rains, Randall Marc        
Estate of Charlotte Rains
Rains, Wendy Renee        
Estate of Herbert Eugene Rains
Rakestraw, Ronald C.        
Estate of Charles F. Rakestraw
Rakowsky, Betty J.        
Estate of Mary Catherine Cummings
Rall-Harsha, Peg        
Estate of June Mason Gass
Ramage, Johnnie A.        
Estate of Mavis W. Williford
Rambarran, Pamela        
Estate of William C. Ellenberger, II
Rambo, Veronica        
Estate of Conley Rader Pruitt
Rames, Melanie Hungate        
Estate of Christa I. Hungate
Ramey, Bryan Gregory        
Estate of Walter Franklin Ramey
Ramey, David R.        
Estate of Raymond Leonard Underwood
Ramey, James R.        
Estate of Juanita V.C. Ramey
Ramey, Ruby L.        
Estate of Rena Laurie (Miracle) Cummings
Ramirez, Sharon Kay        
Estate of Issac "Lon" Russell
Ramsay, III, David B.        
Estate of David Brownlie Ramsay, Jr.
Ramsdell, Margaret        
Estate of Bonnie Jean Barnard Simpson
Ramsdell, Margaret Ann        
Estate of William Allen Simpson, Sr.
Ramsey, Alan T.        
Estate of Louise G. Dossett
Ramsey, Barbara Manning        
Estate of Ray G. Manning
Ramsey, Carl Lynn        
Estate of J.D. Ramsey, Deceased
Ramsey, Christine C.        
Estate of Ronald R. Williams
Ramsey, Constance Diane        
Estate of William T. Taff
Ramsey, Helen M.        
Estate of Elmer Beam Rogers
Ramsey, James        
Estate of Mary Joann Ward
Ramsey, Kara E.        
Estate of Mary Kate Swanson, Deceased
Ramsey, Mr. Arlie Austin        
Estate of Reathie Ellen Ramsey
Ramsey, Nancy Maupin        
Estate of Josie K. Maupin
Ramsey, Ron        
Estate of Norma Louise Ramsey
Ramsey, Virginia        
Estate of Dorothy Huff Marshall
Ramsey, Sr., Robert        
Estate of Mary Virginia Ramsey, Deceased
Randall, Jon M.        
Estate of Larry G. Randall
Randall, William Allen        
Estate of Steven Duncan Randall
Randall, William Joseph        
Estate of Mozelle Hall Randall
Randles, Howard F.        
Randloph Belbas, Susan Comfort        
Estate of Comfort Adams Randolph
Randloph, Jr., Judson G.        
Estate of Comfort Adams Randolph
Randolph, Carolyn Carpenter        
Estate of Haywood Carpenter, Sr.
Randolph, Gregory        
Estate of Steve C. Randolph
Randolph, Nancy O.        
Estate of Hansi D. Orgain
Randolph, Jr., James Harrison        
Estate of Nona Fay Randolph
Randolph, Sr., Joel David        
Estate of Marjorie Ella Simmons
Raney, Douglas B.        
Estate of Howard E. Schultz
Range, Harry S.        
Estate of James J. Range
Rankhorn, Terry Allen        
Estate of Betty June Williams
Rankin, William J.        
Estate of Herman O. Arnold, Jr.
Rankin, Jr., Kent K.        
Estate of Mary M. Rankin
Ransom, James        
Estate of Alene Williams
Rantzow, Richard C.        
Shelby County Probate Court C-0003437
Rapier, Carolyn D.        
Estate of Glenn Franklin Mays
Rapisarda, Sheri Asten        
Estate of Lisa Dawn Fineis
Rapp, Sister Barbara        
Estate of Mary Virginia Greaber
Rapp, Stephen D.        
Estate of Louise D. Rapp
Rapson, Brent        
Estate of Marcella Jane Cross
Rapson, Brent        
Estate of Oliver O. Cross
Rasberry, Tony C.        
Estate of Irene Childress Campbell
Rasmussen, Mavis        
Estate of Ressie Odell Sauer
Found: 7956   Displaying:  5601-5700 Page: 57  of 80
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