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The Office of Small Business Advocate

The Office of Small Business Advocate serves as a point of contact to state government for owners of businesses with fifty (50) or fewer employees. The Office of Small Business Advocate is located within the Comptroller of the Treasury.

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Non Resident Fiduciary

Name of Trust, Estate or Person

Mendelsohn, Robert Nathan        
Estate of Marjorie Cohen Mendelsohn
Mercer, David M.        
Estate of Alice M. Mercer
Mercer, Irene        
Estate of Helen L. Huys
Mercilliott, Lisa G.        
Estate of James W. Gill
Meredith, Bonnie J.        
Estate of Lucy L. Chandler
Meredith, Jane W.        
Estate of Bennie A. Ward
Meredith, Paulette        
Shelby County Probate Court C-0001213
Meredith, Jr., Stephen Edward        
Estate of Lisa Ann Meredith
Merideth, Rodney D.        
Estate of Agnes Rosalie Merideth
Merideth, Rodney D.        
Estate of James Edward Merideth
Meriweather, Gracie        
Estate of Will George Meriweather
Meriwether, Rebecca A.        
Estate of Nannie Lou Meriwether
Meriwether, Wanda F.        
Estate of Nannie Lou Meriwether
Merrell, Anita Rose        
Estate of Richard Hayes Earnest, Deceased
Merrell, Lois I.        
Merrell, Roger Keith        
Estate of Terrell Ovid Merrell
Merrell, Steven        
Estate of Eunice Anna Zacholl
Merrelll Kendall, Velma Justine        
Estate of Omar L. Merrell
Merrick, Elizabeth Hendrix        
Estate of Eunice Allene Hendrix
Merrick, Elizabeth Hendrix        
Estate of Joe Don Hendrix, Deceased
Merrifield Deese, Dorris Ann        
Estate of Chester Merrifield
Merrill, Evelyn Lisenbee        
Estate of Agnes Ilene Lisenbee
Merrill, Judi E.        
Estate of Robert Franklin Edwards
Merrill, Norma A.        
Estate of John T. Merrill
Merrill Lynch Trust Company        
D.H. Griswold Trust
Merritt, Hiram Prentice        
Estate of Laura L. Grafton
Merritt, Michelle E.        
Estate of Donald F. Dice
Merritt, Penny Gay        
Estate of Samuel M. McClellan
Merrow, Barbara A.        
Estate of Sarah Lucile Rich, Deceased
Mershon, Dorothy Mai Reed        
Estate of W. H. Reed
Mesa-Rincon, Holly        
Estate of Charles W. Owensby
Mesecar, Marshall        
Estate of Kenneth Bruce Mesecar
Mesplay, Andrea W.        
Estate of Clarice Williams
Messenger, Barbara Jean        
Estate of Marguerite J. Messenger
Messer, Jack W.        
Estate of Larry S. Messer
Messerole, Steven Curtis        
Estate of Dorothy Sayles Messerole
Messerschmidt, Robert G.        
Messerchmidt Family Irrevocable Trust
Messerschmidt, Robert G.        
The May 23, 1991 Messerschmidt Family Irrevocable Trust
Messier, Don P.        
Estate of Elizabeth P. Sheeley
Messimer, Kathleen Melvenia        
Estate of Alice E. Garner
Metcalf, Betty        
Estate of Belle Baskette a/k/a Eliza Bell Baskette
Metcalf, Emil Cleo        
Estate of Arthur Neal Metcalf
Metcalf, Johnnie K.        
Estate of Geneva B. Culbertson
Metler, Randy        
Estate of Edward F. Metler
Metz, Atlee W.        
Estate of Harriet Edwards Metz
Metz, Dana        
Estate of Denise Sheryl Locke
Metz, Evelyn Todd        
Estate of Robert Charles Todd
Metzgar, Sandra        
Estate of Darlene Y. Koth
Metzger, Robert G.        
Estate of Donald W. Metzger
Meuris, Catherine T.        
Estate of Henry Briggs Woodward
Meuris, Richard John        
Estate of Henry Briggs Woodward
Mewborn, Jim        
Estate of James Arthur Mewborn
Mewlud, Romel        
Estate of Qudem Mewlud
Meyer, Charles L.        
Estate of Elwanda Meyer
Meyer, John Paul        
Estate of Erwin J. Meyer, Jr.
Meyer, Lillian Caputi        
Estate of Elizabeth King
Meyer Turner, Elizabeth Lou-Jane        
Estate of David Henry Meyer, III
Meyers, Jon B.        
Estate of Merle C. Meyers
Meyr, Leslie N.        
Estateof Edith F. Mezzanotte, Deceased
Micek, Wayne K.        
Estate of Ronald Edward Sutton, Deceased
Michael, Thomas G.        
Estate of Michael H. Brakefield
Michaels, Anthony        
Estate of Calvin Arthur Roach, Deceased
Michaelson, Steven William        
Estate of Janice Dawn Michaelson
Michalowski, Ahmed Clay        
Estate of Edward M. Michalowski
Michalowski, Ahmed Clay        
Estate of Mary Alyce Michalowski
Michalowski, Manuel        
Estate of Mary Alyce Michalowski
Michelson, Mark Louis        
Estate of Nancy Jane Strong, Deceased
Mickiewicz, Michele        
estate of Mark Ray Haddock
Micvlinic, Bonnie Ruth Wells        
Estate of Jesse Willard Wells
Middlebrooks, James A.        
Estate of Mary Ellen Middlebrooks
Middleton, Florence B.        
Estate of Esther Christine Ryan
Middleton, John D.        
Estate of Myrtle Priest
Middleton, Melinda S.        
Estate of George L. Middleton
Middleton, Robert L.        
Estate of Barbara Ann Middleton
Midgett, Solomon O.        
Estate of Pauline Midgett
Miggen, Matilda F.        
Estate of Suzanne G. Fassnacht
Mikeska, Mary R.        
Estate of Jean C. Rokes, Deceased
Mikkelsen, Howard P.        
Estate of Howard P. Mikkelsen
Mikkelsen, Howard P.        
Estate of Patricia B. Mikkelsen
Milam, Frank        
Estate of Frances L. Milam
Milam, Kenneth D.        
Estate of Elizabeth M. Drake
Milam, Marcia A.        
Estate of Donald F. Meyer
Milam, Roy A.        
Estate of Mildred Milam
Milam, Tina L.        
Estate of George Grace, Jr.
Milam, Trustee, Kenneth D.        
Charles D. McVean Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
Milburn, Phyllis A.        
Estate of Eloise Hamblin
Miles, AnneMarie Murnane        
Miles, Myron        
Estate of John H. Miles
Milhorn, Linda        
Estate of Harold B. Milhorn
Milhorn, Linda        
Estate of Martha L. Milhorn
Millard, Amanda O.        
Estate of Frances Marie Mitchell Harlan
Millard, Nina L.        
Estate of Mary D. Lockett, Deceased
Millen, Christopher Scott        
Estate of Kathleen Louise Millen Peterson
Millen, Gale D.        
Shelby County Probate Court B-0029457
Miller, Andrea W.        
Estate of Annelle C. Wells
Miller, Brian Scott        
Estate of Barbara Ann Rider
Miller, Daryl L.        
Estate of Arthur L. Miller
Miller, David H.        
Estate of Bertha Miller
Miller, Deborah J. (Adkisson)        
Estate of Mildred C. Adkisson Snyder
Miller, Dreama        
Estate of Russell Ray Elswick
Found: 3707   Displaying:  2101-2200 Page: 22  of 38
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