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The Office of Small Business Advocate

The Office of Small Business Advocate serves as a point of contact to state government for owners of businesses with fifty (50) or fewer employees. The Office of Small Business Advocate is located within the Comptroller of the Treasury.

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Business Identity Theft

Regularly review your business entity registration information online.

Go to the Business Information Search Page and view your business entity history and details.

Safeguard your business identifiers.

Protect your business FEIN / EIN / TIN numbers as you would your own Social Security Number. Thieves can access or open many types of accounts with your business information. Keep all documents containing business information or business identifiers in a secure location and securely shred old or unnecessary documents that contain your business information.

Carefully review account statements as soon as you receive them.

Promptly notify the creditor if you discover any unrecognized or fraudulent transactions.

Keep your business computers and network secure.

Use regularly updated anti-virus / anti-spyware and internet security software, and restrict the use of your business computers to only business activities. Utilize WPA2 encryption to secure your business wireless network.

Regularly review your business credit reports.

Request copies of your business credit reports and review them for accuracy and suspicious activity:

Be alert for suspicious activity.

Misaddressed business mail, missing or late account statements or telephone calls and correspondence regarding unknown accounts are all potential indicators that something may be wrong. Thieves use haste, carelessness, and lack of attention to detail to their advantage. The longer you wait to follow-up, the more damage they can do.

Know your fraud liability limits and reporting requirements.

Under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), business banking accounts have shorter reporting time lines, fewer protections, and greater liability for fraud than consumer accounts. Your bank’s own policies can significantly impact your business’ liability for fraudulent transactions.