By Representatives Hargrove, Ulysses Jones, Lois DeBerry, Arriola, Rinks, McDonald, Kisber, Williams, Fraley, Hood, Fitzhugh, West, Maddox, Stulce, Sands, Ridgeway, Robinson, Chumney, Ronnie Cole, Pruitt, White, Cooper, Ritchie, McMillan, Lewis, Newton, Langster, Brenda Turner, Pleasant, Haley, Hargett, Mike Walker, Bone, Givens, Godsey, Dunn, Garrett, John DeBerry, Sherry Jones, McDaniel, Sargent, Mumpower, McAfee, Bittle, Buck, Kent, Tindell, Ralph Cole, Pinion, Winningham, Davidson, Odom and Mr. Speaker Naifeh

Substituted for: Senate Bill No. 3128

By Senators Rochelle, Crutchfield, Kyle, Williams, Kurita, Atchley, Burks, Carter, Clabough, Cohen, Cooper, Crowe, Davis, Dixon, Elsea, Ford, Fowler, Graves, Harper, Haun, Haynes, Henry, Herron, Jordan, Leatherwood, McNally, Miller, Person, Ramsey, Springer, Womack and Mr. Speaker Wilder

AN ACT to amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 4, Chapter 3, Part 20 and Title 38, Chapter 8, relative to the establishment of certain grant programs within the Department of Safety.


SECTION 1. Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 38, Chapter 8, Part 1Error! Bookmark not defined., is amended by adding the following as a new section:


(a) This section shall be known and may be cited as the "Safe Neighborhoods Act of 1998"

(b) By October 1, 1998 the Department of Finance and Administration shall establish within the department a program to award state law enforcement assistance grants to local governmental agencies from money appropriated by the General Appropriations Act. The exclusive purpose of such grants is to assist local governments in meeting the local funding requirement necessary to receive a grant under the federal "Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994" for a portion of the costs associated with the employment of new law enforcement officers by such local government.

(c) The department is authorized to promulgate in accordance with the provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated Title 4, Chapter 5 all rules necessary to establish and administer such grant program. Provided, however, no such rule or departmental policy shall be promulgated or interpreted contrary to the following guidelines:

1) All state grants to local governmental agencies shall be awarded only upon the basis of merit as determined by the department in accordance with selection criteria established by rule and regulation pursuant to title 4, chapter 5. Local governmental agencies wishing to participate in such grant program shall submit an application to the department as prescribed by rule and regulation.

2) The number of state grants awarded in a fiscal year is dependant on the amount of money appropriated for such grants and the number of qualified and conforming grant applications. Nothing in this subpart shall be construed to mean that all money appropriated during a fiscal year for such state grants must be awarded during that year if there are an insufficient number of qualified and conforming applications.

3) No state grant shall exceed ten percent (10%) of the amount of the grant the local government has been approved to receive from the federal government.

4) In order to receive a state grant pursuant to this section for the federal local funding requirement, the local governmental entity must have been approved for a Universal Hiring Program grant under the "Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994" that is for the exclusive purpose of providing financial assistance for the employment of additional law enforcement officers in such locality.

SECTION 2. The provisions of this act shall not be construed to be an appropriation of funds and no funds shall be obligated or expended pursuant to this act unless such funds are specifically appropriated by the General Appropriations Act.

SECTION 3. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law, the public welfare requiring it.

PASSED: May 1, 1998

APPROVED this 18th day of May 1998