District Policies

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Section    Number     Policy Procedures     Español    
Board Operations 1100 Adoption of Policies    
Board Operations 1106 Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest    
Board Operations 1200 Grievances and Complaints   Español
Board Operations 1407 Public Records    
Board Operations 1800 School Calendar    
Board Operations 1802 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504, and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Procedures Español
Board Operations 1803 Smoke Free Environment    
Board Operations 1808 Registered Sex Offenders    
Board Operations 1900 Accountability and Responsibility of the State Board and Charter Schools    
Fiscal Management 2100 Fiscal Management Objectives    
Fiscal Management 2200 School Operating Budget    
Fiscal Management 2201 Line Item Transfer Authority    
Fiscal Management 2400 Revenue and School Fees    
Fiscal Management 2401 Gifts and Bequests    
Fiscal Management 2402 Investment of Funds    
Fiscal Management 2403 Property Sales    
Fiscal Management 2404 School Support Organizations    
Fiscal Management 2500 Deposit of Funds    
Fiscal Management 2600 Bonded Employees    
Fiscal Management 2700 Accounting System    
Fiscal Management 2701 Financial Records    
Fiscal Management 2702 Inventory and Equipment    
Fiscal Management 2703 Audits    
Fiscal Management 2800 Expenditure of Funds    
Fiscal Management 2801 Petty Cash Accounts    
Fiscal Management 2802 Payroll Procedures    
Fiscal Management 2804 Expenses and Reimbursements    
Fiscal Management 2805 Purchasing and Contracts    
Fiscal Management 2900 Student Activity Funds Management    
Support Services 3201 School Safety    
Support Services 3202 Emergency Preparedness Plans Procedures  
Support Services 3203 Crisis Management    
Support Services 3208 Asbestos Management    
Support Services 3218 Service Animals in District Facilities    
Support Services 3400 Transportation Procedures  
Support Services 3600 Insurance    
Instructional Services 4207 English Learners Procedures Español
Instructional Services 4210 Credit Recovery   Español
Instructional Services 4211 Work-Based Learning Program    
Instructional Services 4300 Interscholastic Athletics    
Instructional Services 4301 Hazing    
Instructional Services 4400 Instructional Materials    
Instructional Services 4406 Internet Safety and Use of Technological Resources    
Instructional Services 4502 Parent Involvement and Engagement   Español
Instructional Services 4603 AP/IB Courses, Honors/Technical Courses, and Grading    
Instructional Services 4605 Course Credits and Graduation    
Instructional Services 4802 Student Equal Access    
Instructional Services 4804 Religion in the Curriculum    
Personnel 5104 Employee Rights    
Personnel 5106 Application and Employment Procedures  
Personnel 5114 Personnel Records    
Personnel 5118 Background Investigations    
Personnel 5400 Employee Health    
Personnel 5701 Substitute Teachers    
Personnel 5910 Threats of Violence    
Personnel 5911 Differentiated Pay and Strategic Compensation    
Students 6200 Attendance   Español
Students 6203 Physical Examinations and Immunizations   Español
Students 6206 School Admissions and Enrollment Period Procedures Español
Students 6209 Child Custody and Parental Access   Español
Students 6300 Security    
Students 6303 Reporting of Crimes, Interrogations, and Searches   Español
Students 6304 Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment, and Hazing   Español
Students 6307 Student Alcohol and Drug Testing   Español
Students 6309 Zero Tolerance    
Students 6313 Student Discipline   Español
Students 6317 Required Remands and Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority Procedures Español
Students 6400 Student Wellness and Health Services    
Students 6403 Communicable Diseases   Español
Students 6404 Students Living with HIV and AIDS   Español
Students 6409 Child Abuse    
Students 6413 Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest    
Students 6503 Homeless Students Procedures Español
Students 6504 Migrant Students Procedures Español
Students 6505 Students in Foster Care Procedures Español
Students 6600 Student Records and Confidentiality   Español
Students 6910 News and Media Relations    
Students 6920 Reporting Criminal Offenses   Español
Students 6921 Incarcerated Students