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Going the Extra Mile: TDOS Employees Doing More

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It's easy to miss the well done jobs of those who operate with such consistent excellence unless you take the time to notice. Here you'll find out about employees of the Tennessee Department of Safety making a difference in the lives of others through the words of those receiving that help or the supervisors of the employees providing it.

Archives 2009


Trooper Scott Bilbrey Deserving of Credit

December 16, 2009

Trooper Scott Bilbrey,

The job you did locating the greyhound bus on Sunday night (12/13/09) was exceptional.

You heard the B.O.L.O. from dispatch, you were on the interstate working, you were observant locating the bus, and were very professional handling the stop which led to the successful outcome of finding the two missing juveniles from Virginia.

Although I was there with you, you deserve the credit. As you know, I spoke with both of the mothers that night by phone, as well as the officer from Virginia that took the report and entered the boys as missing/endangered into NCIC. The officer was very excited that you were able to locate the boys.

The mothers called back again to express their gratitude for finding theirs sons. I am sure that they will never forget or be able to thank you enough for your actions that night. But I know it was because of your keen sense that night, that the mothers and the reporting officer from Virginia will always have a positive image of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Thanks again for your exceptional police work.

Lt. Brian Lawson
THP Cookeville District

Trooper Larry Blakney, Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

December 2009

I just wanted to thank you for the assistance my son and I received last Wednesday, Dec. 2nd. My oldest son and I were headed from Nashville to Knoxville to attend my father’s funeral.

My car overheated and we pulled over at the weigh station at mm 372. I was suppose to deliver a eulogy in 45 minutes. I decided to ask one of the officers there, Trooper Larry Blakney, and he took me and my son in his squad car. Thankfully, I arrived with 5 minutes to spare! If it wasn’t for him I would have missed the funeral. I would like to thank you and your team for going above and beyond the call of duty to help me and my family. I have shared this story with many other people as well.

David W. Peters
TN Office of Attorney General

Pleasant Process by Examiner Rodney Barclay

December 2009

During my visit to the Chattanooga DL Station, Examiner Rodney Barclay was both efficient and extremely friendly. He made the process very pleasant.

Customer Comment Card

Examiner Cherlyn Fox was Extremely Helpful

December 2009

While visiting the Knoxville DL Station, Examiner Cherlyn Foxx was extremely helpful. I would definitely come back to this location because of her friendly service.

Great Job!!!
Customer Comment Card

Special Thanks to Communications Operator Nancy Ogle and Sergeant Derrick Watson

December 2009

My wife and I would like to take the time to thank the THP for responding to our call to help our daughter and granddaughters when they were stranded at SR‐156 and IS‐75 in Jellico on the 25th of Oct. We would like to give special thanks to Communications Operator Nancy Ogle and Sergeant Derrick Watson of the Knoxville District who were professional and polite. Being a former Ohio State Trooper I know how important it is to have personnel of this caliber.

Both employees are a credit to their occupation and the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Jim and Joyce Mathews
Greenback, TN

Fine Ambassador in Trooper Wayne Tidwell

December 2009

In September of this year, I retired after serving 30 years as a Detective Sergeant in the Cheshire Police in England, UK. As a reward to ourselves, my wife and I decided to treat ourselves to touring holiday around the southern states of the US.

Yesterday, we were on route from Memphis to Clarksville when we were pulled over by your Trooper Wayne Tidwell, of the Nashville District, for being a tad enthusiastic with my speed. Not only was his conduct professional but also friendly and after he had checked us and our vehicle out, he even gave us directions to our hotel and got persuaded to pose for a photo, which I will send to amuse my ex‐colleagues.

Trooper Tidwell is a fine ambassador for your service and I wanted to bring this conduct to your attention.

All the best,
Steven & Joanne McLauchlan

Trooper Rick Alexander, Jr. was Very Professional

December 2009

My car got stuck in a ditch on Oct. 7th in Williamson County. Trooper Rick Alexander, Jr., of the Nashville District, came out to check on the situation. He was very professional, helpful, and courteous. He stayed with me until the tow truck driver got my car out.

We are very lucky to have such outstanding personnel in the public safety departments of Tennessee!!

Jo Ann Greenberg
Nashville, TN

Commending Trooper Dallas Rife

December 2009

On behalf of the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC), I want to thank you and commend Trooper Dallas Rife, of the Chattanooga District, for the professional handling of a national security matter on 1/31/09. Trooper Rife determined that the individual he encountered was a positive match to a known or suspected terrorist on the TSC watch list.

The TSC appreciates your leadership and your entire department’s dedication to protecting our nation.

Director Timothy J. Healy
Terrorist Screening Center

Most Friendly Examiners at Johnson City DL Station

December 2009

I just want to say that the examiners at the Johnson City DL station were the most friendly that I’ve ever met! The driving tester was very helpful and courteous!!

Customer Comment Card

Big Thank You to Examiner Detrich Futch

December 2009

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Examiner Detrich Futch, at the Nashville DL Station, for making my daughter feel relaxed and actually enjoy taking her road test.

Customer Comment Card

Supervisor Caroline Walker was Very Knowledgeable

December 2009

I went to get my license renewed at the DL Station in Chattanooga. Supervisor Caroline Walker was very helpful and courteous and very knowledgeable of what I needed to do. Thank you!!

Customer Comment Card

Appreciated Rescue by Sergeant Jimmy Whitt

December 2009

On October 30th I had forgotten that I was low on fuel and I “ran out of gas”. Once I got over the initial embarrassment, I used my cell phone and reached the Roane County Sheriff’s Office, who transferred me to the THP.

Sergeant Jimmy Whitt of the Knoxville District arrived shortly after and offered to me to the nearest gas station.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the “rescue”, the courteous people on the phone and for Sergeant Whitt’s kindly manner. I feel a little safer knowing the THP is out there to help, even though I made the error!

Thanks again, Mark Gluckner

Examiner Lashinda Frazier Rates a 10

December 2009

Examiner Lashinda Frazier at the Chattanooga Station rates a 10! She did perfect! Thank you for being very helpful during my visit.

Customer Comment Card

Supervisor Deborah Knight, Above and Beyond Helpful

December 2009

Just want to say that Supervisor Deborah Knight at the Chattanooga Station was above and beyond helpful, professional, and very courteous.

Thank You
Customer Comment Card

Kudos to DL Station Staff in TN Tower

December 2009

I went into the Driver License Station at the TN Tower today to get a copy of my driver license and handgun permit (lost my wallet).

I just wanted to tell you about what an improvement this visit was over experiences in the past. I was assisted by examiners who were courteous, helpful, and extremely efficient. I felt I was treated as a valued customer by employees who took pride in their work.

Thank you and Kudos to you and your staff!!

Mark Bengel
Chief Information Officer
Office for Information Resources (OIR

Sincere Thanks for Trooper Hixson's Professionalism

December 2009

On September 10th I had the misfortune of having a flat tire while travelling on I‐75 near Loudon. I had the good fortune of having Trooper Carey Hixson, of the Knoxville District, stop to offer assistance.

Trooper Hixson was kind enough to stay with me until AAA changed the tire and insured that I was safely on my way back to Texas. You should be proud of the way Trooper Hixson represents the TN Highway Patrol.

Linda Grimes
McKinney, Texas

Additional letter from Mr. Venard Grimes, husband to Linda Grimes. My wife has made the same trip for many years, and this was the first breakdown she has ever encountered. Needless to say, having her breakdown alone on the highway has always been my greatest fear.

Having served in law enforcement for several years, I can tell you that I was very relieved to know that you were assisting my wife in her time of distress. Please accept my sincere thanks for performing your job in such a professional manner.

Vernard Grimes
McKinney, Texas

Thanks to Tammy for Wonderful Experience

November 2009

Perhaps this is the only letter ever written to the editor thanking the Tennessee Department of Safety for its hospitality and professionalism.

My birthday was last month, and knowing I had to renew my driver’s license, I prepared to spend the better part of my day waiting my turn in line. I actually was looking forward to having the chance to sit and read for a few hours.

I arrived at the center on Murfreesboro Road — Tammy was the lady behind the counter that processed my renewal — in record time I might add. I was in and out of there in less than 15 minutes.

Guess I’ll have to find some other place and time to read.

Thank you, Tammy, for a wonderful experience. Your attitude was refreshing, your kindness was much appreciated and your friendly smile made my day. May each of you who have business at the Safety Department enjoy a similar experience.

Connie Williams

More Compliments Corroborating Earlier Letter to TDOS

November 2009

I would like to further expound on Connie Williams’ excellent Sept. 8 letter, “Pleasant can describe driver’s license visit.” Ms. Williams’ letter speaks highly of the professionalism displayed by one of the workers at the Tennessee Department of Safety.

It seems that workers for the state of Tennessee sometimes receive a bad rap in one way or another. After working several years for a large corporation that went out of business in downtown Nashville, I was able to finish my last working years with the state of Tennessee in Nashville. Ms. Williams’ letter only reinforces what I have felt from the beginning of my experience with state workers. I was always impressed with the knowledgeable and caring individuals with whom I worked over the years I worked in various state offices.

In addition, I treasure the life‐long friendships made there and still keep in touch with some of the good friends I made during my years spent as a worker for the state of Tennessee.

Thank you, Ms. Williams, for saying it so well. You made my day, too.

Laurel Johnson
Franklin, TN

Hat off to Trooper Rick Ray

November 2009

On the night of October 9, 2009, my wife and I were involved in a motorcycle accident on Interstate 75 at mile marker 58 at approximately 9:30 PM.

A hit and run driver ran into the back of the trailer we were pulling behind our cycle, and we were both thrown from the cycle to the pavement. We were initially taken to the Sweetwater Hospital then transferred to the University of Tennessee Medical Center because it was a trauma center. We were treated and were released on Monday the 12th, and are now home recuperating. After all of this we are pretty roughed up, but feel that we will be better with a little time.

We are writing to let you know of the treatment we received and opinions we have formed about the Tennessee Highway Patrol. In your company, you have an Trooper Rick Ray, whom we hope personifies what the Tennessee Highway Patrol is all about.

Trooper Ray was very courteous and helpful to both my wife and I during our stay in the hospital, after our release while still in Tennessee, and even since our return to Texas. All of our ID, credit, cash and cell phones were in our cycle at Friendly City Wrecker in Athens. Trooper Ray checked our belongings and assured us they were in good hands at the wrecker service in Athens.

As soon as we are able, we intend on returning to Tennessee and resuming our vacation there. At that time, I plan on meeting Trooper Ray in person and showing my thanks. Until that time, I take my hat off to Trooper Ray and the entire Tennessee Highway Patrol. He and the state of Tennessee has made a positive, lasting impression on us.

Many Thanks,
Donald & Kathy Ware
Port Neches, TX

Congratulations to THP for Vital Assistance

November 2009

On the night of September 25, 2009, a Shelby County woman, eight months pregnant, was shot to death at her home. Sheriff’s detectives quickly linked the victim’s boyfriend, Terance Nelson, to the scene. Our investigators then contacted a TN Highway Patrol dispatcher, Mr. Shannon Pickard, who in‐turn notified Sergeant Rick Smith and Troopers Scott Miller and Michael Morgan.

Without their vital assistance, Mr. Nelson would still be at large. On behalf of our department, please send them our congratulations for a job well done.

Sheriff Mark H. Luttrell, Jr.
Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

Trooper Kevin Hoppe's Encounter Helpful to FBI

November 2009

On March 19, 2009 Trooper Kevin Hoppe conducted a traffic stop which involved an individual who preliminarily matched a lookout on the Terrorist Screening Center’s watch list. Trooper Hoppe contacted the TSC and provided information which allowed TSC screeners to positively match the encountered Individual to a known or suspected terrorist on the watch list. The professional handling of this encounter by Trooper Hoppe provided the TSC with information that may prove valuable to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the overall intelligence community.

Timothy J. Healy, Director
Terrorist Screening Center

Trooper Michael Heatherly Apprehends Suspect and Stolen Parts

November 2009

On the afternoon of October 14, 2009, Trooper Michael Heatherly spotted a driver traveling south on I‐ 75 not wearing a seat belt. When Trooper Heatherly attempted to pull the driver over, the pulled into an empty parking lot, exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Trooper Heatherly was able to apprehend the suspect. Discovered inside his vehicle were multiple chain saw parts as well as 100 reciprocating saw blades there were reported stolen earlier that day.

Sgt. Tramel and Trooper Logan Uncover Marijuana

November 2009

On the day of October 14, 2009, following an accident, the driver was stopped at the 252 mm Rest Area on I‐40E for a CMV inspection. Upon contact with the driver, Sergeant Tramel noticed a strong odor of air freshener and marijuana coming from the tractor. Trooper Todd Logan performed a probable cause search of the vehicle and found several items of interest including a small smoke pipe, a pill crusher with residue, and marijuana. The driver was charged with possession of a controlled substance for resale, simple possession and drug paraphernalia.

Appreciation for Officer Jimmie Whitt's Kindly Manner

November 2009

Dear Captain Sanders,

This past Friday afternoon, 10-30-09, I was traveling east on I-40 after meeting with a client. I had forgotten I was low on fuel and I "ran out of gas". Once I got over my initial embarassment I realized I was in a bit of a spot, being about 4 miles to the nearest exit and in my dress clothes and shoes. I used my cell phone and reached the Roane County Sheriff's office, who transferred me to the THP. The lady on the phone was courteous and reassured me a patrol car was on it's way. Officer Jimmie Whitt arrived shortly and offered to get me to the nearest gas station. During the drive, he was courteous and assured me I wasn't the only one running out of gas on I-40.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the "rescue", the courteous people on the phone, and Officer Jimmie Whitt's kindly manner.

I feel a little safer knowing the THP is out there to help, even though I made the error!

Thanks again,
Mark Gluckner

Thanks to Trooper Howard Greenlee and Trooper Kelly Smith

November 2009

I'm writing you to express my thanks for the service of Troopers Greenlee and Smith on the 2009 Adoption Tour. I'm sure you need no one to tell you, but you have some great men working for you. I'm proud to know they are patrolling the streets where I live and play. I look forward to 2010 when we might see them again.

Jesse O'Hatrick

Tour Director

Professionalism by Trooper Rick Alexander, Jr. and Patrolman Kevin Jones

October 28, 2009

Dear Colonel Walker:

Tennessee has some great police officers!

My car got stuck in a ditch on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009, Williamson County. Patrolman Kevin Jones of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department and Trooper Rick Alexander Jr. of the Tennessee Highway Patrol came out to check on the situation. Both of these officers were very professional and courteous. They were very calm and reassuring. And believe me, I wasn’t calm!

They stayed with me until the tow truck got the car out. It was a bad experience but the officers helped me get through it.

We are very luck to have such outstanding personnel in the public safety departments of Tennessee!

Very truly yours,

Jo Ann Greenberg

Special Thanks to Officer Ogle and Sgt. Watson

October 25, 2009


My wife and I would like to take the time to thank Tennessee Highway Patrol for responding to our call to help our daughter and granddaughter's when they were stranded at SR#156 and IS#75 in Jellico on Sun. evening the 25th ofthis month. We would like to to give special thanks to Officer Ogle who took the initial call then sent Sgt. Watson to help. Both Officers were professional and polite. Being a former Ohio State Trooper I know how important it is to have personnel ofthis caliber. Both officers are a credit to their occupation and The Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Having a flat on the Interstate doesn't sound like much but It's like the song "Happy Birthday". It's one ofthe shortest songs ever written until it's YOUR birthday and then it's the longest song ever written just like when it's YOU who has the flat and with two little kids in the car. Once again Thanks to the Patrol, Sgt. Watson, and Officer Ogle for the all the help.

Jim and Joyce Mathews
Greenback, TN

Thank you Trooper Michael Morgan

October 2009

I was involved in a vehicle accident on August 31st in Rutherford County. When the accident occurred, I called the Tennessee Highway Patrol to report it and your team’s response time was great.

Trooper Michael Morgan responded to the scene and quickly gathered all of the needed information. He was very courteous and helpful. I just want to pass along a letter of gratitude for his display of excellence public service and professionalism. Thank you, Trooper Morgan!

Justin Coker
Thankful Resident of Murfreesboro

Sevierville Drivers License Station' Hardwork and Dedication

October 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the staff at the Sevierville Driver’s License Station. I had to take some time off during this summer for personal reasons. Kim Bounds, Mallory Foster, Robert Smith and Joyce Alexander really stepped up and did a great job of running and taking care of things at the office. They helped to ease my mind that everything at the office was running smoothly and I could concentrate on my situation at home. I have a wonderful group of people that work hard everyday and I want them to know how much I appreciate their hard work and dedication to their job. I thank each again and hope they know that truly appreciated they are.

Linda Hampton, Branch Supervisor
Sevierville Drivers License

Special Thanks to Trooper Robert Moore

October 2009

I would say that you receive more letters containing some sort of gripe than letters which say thank you. But, a thank you is exactly what this is.

Recently visitation was held at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church from my grandson, Casey Hogue, who was killed in a car accident.

You cannot imagine how crowded this place was. The church is in the Unionville community and is located in a curve at the top of a dangerous hill. Cars were lined up on the side of the road for almost a mile, with the parking lots on both sides of the road completely filled. And yet, in the midst of all this, the public has nothing but praise for the way all this was handled.

The Hogue family just wants to say thank you to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and a special thanks to Trooper Robert Moore for the way he took over is such a difficult time as this.

From the Hogue Family
Paul Hogue

Thanks to Trooper Jack Alderman

October 2009

This letter is to let you know how helpful a certain Highway Patrolman was to me, Trooper Jack Alderman.

I was traveling west on I‐40 at the Plateau Road exit close to 10:00 p.m. on August 13th. I had been helping my daughter move to Knoxville all day and was very time coming back home to Cookeville. I came upon a merge left sign, which put me in the lead of a long line of cars. The signs were very confusing and I came upon a white pickup truck with flashing lights all over it. The lights were overwhelming, as my eyes were very tired. I came to a complete stop. I could not tell what to do next and I had traffic behind me so I eased up so I could ask what I should do. The man in the truck began cursing at me and told me to get behind the pylons and he would tell the cop to cite me.

I did as told me to do and in a minute a Trooper came up the road and came to my window. I explained what had happened and HE WAS SO NICE AND HELPFUL! He told me that the man yelling at me were paving the Interstate. He made sure I knew just exactly when to proceed with safety.. This, by the way, took about 20 minutes, and during this time I noticed that he was very helpful to others beside me. One car had car trouble and needed to get off the exit.

I have been pulled over several times, and I don’t think that I have ever been treated as nice by the Highway Patrol as that night. Trooper Alderman was truly there to help.

So many times people like to write and complain, but I wanted to express my thanks to Trooper Alderman.

Deborah Francis

Customer Comments from across the State

October 2009

District 1

Super Customer Service—walked in and out in less than 10 minutes!

Bailey was very pleasant!

The new building is beautiful and everyone on the staff was great. Thanks for such a good experience!

District 2

Friendly, nice staff! Well organized, great personality and very professional. I was happy to be here.

Mrs. Evans was very helpful and great with my son!

Mr. Williams was most helpful. Thank you to everyone who helped made this an easy process. Thanks!

Overall, more impressed than ever! All staff were very courteous. Never had such good service since I’ve lived here, and that’s been all my life.

Things have changed for the good. Thanks!

Examiner Teague was very courteous and respectful. Extremely helpful!

Mrs. Ryan was extremely helpful—great attitude and patience. Staff is best I’ve ever experienced!

Mrs. Hall was very helpful!

Garth and Andrade were both wonderful!!!

District 4

It would be very nice to have all employees assist customers in the professional way Ms. Tipton does. She showed outstanding performance and work ethic. Thank you for her leadership and attitude.

My instructor, Mrs. Perkins, was great!

I was assisted by Mr. Golden and I received the best customer service since I’ve been in Memphis!

Ms. Sanders was extremely kind and helpful. I have visited this location several times before. This time everyone was really friendly and professional. I give full credit to the lady at the front with the very
pleasant attitude. Kudos to her! Great job!

They were fast and professional. Mrs. Fuquay was great!

Mr. Gerard Hale was very police and helpful.

Irving Sanders—you need more employees like him. He’s great and has a positive attitude.

District 5

Keep up the good work!

District 6

Eric Massa was very friendly and helpful. Thanks!

Examiner Bradley was very nice, extremely helpful! She was the nicest examiner I have ever encountered.

District 7

Sandra is the bomb!

Love the new building!

Staff was short, due to illness. One person taking applications, pictures and taking new drivers. When it was my turn at the counter, the examiner was still smiling. Thank the Lord for that smile! Her name was Cynthia.

Mrs. Holden was very helpful. Loved her.

Special thanks to Laurie Holden; she was most helpful and very professional in her job.

Great DMV location. Fast & efficient.

Very quick and efficient. The staff was professional and courteous.

District 8

We had an appointment, so the flow went fast!

Note: No comments received from District 3

Trooper Larry Skeen's Excellent Attitude and Compassion

October 2009

My company, PJM Charter, and specifically one of the driver’s, Danny Bentley, wish to extend our most sincere thanks to Trooper Larry Skeen for his assistance.

Our motor coach, which was carrying 50 children and chaperones, blew a coolant hose on Jellico Mountain. Trooper Skeen’s assistance was invaluable and I wish to thank you for his excellent attitude and compassion.

Jackie Malloy, Owner, PJM Charter
Xena, OH

Friendly and Professional at Gallatin DL Station

October 2009

I recently went to the Gallatin DL station to renew my driver's license on 9/03/09. I had planned on being there for a couple of hours, but to my surprise, I was in and out of there within about 20 minutes.

The staff were very friendly and professional. There were about 15 people in there and everyone was called in order by an assigned number. I just wanted to let someone know my experience was a pleasant one.

Shirley Englett

Thanks to Officer Ogle and Sgt. Watson

October 2009

My wife and I would like to take the time to thank Tennessee Highway Patrol for responding to our call to help our daughters and granddaughters’ when they were stranded on SR #156 and IS#75 in Jellico on Sun evening the 25th of this month.  We would like to give special thanks of Officer Ogle who the initial call then sent Sgt. Watson to help.  Both officers were professional and polite. Being a former Ohio State Trooper I know how important it is to have personnel of this caliber.  Both officers are a credit to their occupation and the Tennessee Highway Patrol

Having a flat on the interstate doesn’t sound like much but it’s like the song “happy birthday”.  It’s one of the shortest songs ever written  until it’s your birthday and then it’s the longest song ever written just like when it’s you who has the flat and with two little kids in the car.  Once again thanks to the patrol, Sgt Watson and Officer Ogle for all the help.

Jim and Joyce Mathews
Greenback, TN

Proud of Trooper Greenlee and Trooper Smith

October 2009

Captain Sanders,

I’m writing you to express my thanks for the service of troopers Greenlee and Smith on the 2009 Adoption Tour. I’m sure you need no one to tell you but you have some great men working for you. I’m proud to know they are patrolling the streets where I live and play. I look forward to 2010 when we might see them again.

Jesse O’hatnick
Tour Director

Trooper Greg Roberts Commended for Quick Action

October 26, 2009

At about 1:00pm on Monday, October 26, the Anderson County Sheriff's Department was notified of an escape by an inmate from the Tennessee Department of Correction. An inmate work detail was performing repairs and other work at the Frost Bottom Missionary Baptist Church on Frost Bottom Rd in Anderson County. Several inmates from the Morgan County Correctional Complex were working at the church when one of the inmates, BRIAN CALVIN LEE, 31, escaped by stealing a vehicle belonging to the pastor, Reverend Houston Carroll. The inmate fled in the car, a white 2001 Kia Sportage, sport utility vehicle.

Our dispatch center broadcast a BOLO to all surrounding law enforcement agencies including the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Trooper Greg Roberts was informed by the THP dispatcher of the escape. Trooper Roberts did a follow-up investigation on the escapee and learned he had friends and relatives in the South Knoxville area. Roberts drove to South Knoxville and spotted LEE in the stolen vehicle. A brief pursuit followed but the vehicle became stuck in an alley. LEE then fled on foot but was caught by Roberts near Trotter Avenue after a foot chase. Other THP units and officers from the Knoxville Police Department responded to assist Trooper Roberts.

Department of Corrections officials informed us LEE was serving an eight year sentence for Aggravated Burglary, Robbery, and Arson for convictions out of Knox County.

We will be filing charges on LEE for the theft of the vehicle. The Department of Correction will be filing escape charges. I'm sure Trooper Roberts will be filing charges related to the pursuit and foot chase.

The stolen vehicle is being returned to the pastor. As a side note, the pastor is Sergeant Shain Vowell's father-in-law. Sergeant Vowell is our training officer at the Detention Facility and a former MVE officer. The family is most thankful the car was found and returned.

Trooper Roberts should be commended for his quick action in this case. He took the time to do the research and follow-up investigation that lead him to the South Knoxville area where LEE was found. By doing so, LEE was captured less than 2 hours after his escape.

Our thanks to Trooper Greg Roberts and the Tennessee Highway Patrol for the assistance.

Chief Deputy Mark Lucas
Anderson County Sheriff's Department
Clinton, Tennessee

Trooper Carey Hixson's High Character

October 19, 2009

Dear Captain Sanders,

Let me begin with an apology for the delay in writing to you. On 10 September 2009 I has a misfortune of having a flat tire while travelling on I-75 near Loudon, just south of I-40. However, I had the good fortune of having Trooper Carey Hixson stop of offer assistance. His knowledge of the locally approved AAA contact was very helpful time saver and his efficient and friendly manner certainly helped me remain calm.

Knowing that I was making my way back to Texas alone, Trooper Hixson was kind enough to stay with me until AAA changed the tire and insured that I was safely on my way. He did not have to do that; but the fact that he did speaks highly of his character. You should be proud of the way trooper Hixson represents the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Linda Grimes

Appreciation for Trooper Joe Walker's Alertness and Initiative

October 12, 2009

Dear Captain Sanders:

On October 2, 2009, the City of Knoxville experienced three armed robberies within a two-hour time frame. Shot were fried in the first of the incidents at McDonalds near Knoxville Center at about 1:30 a.m. Another robbery occurred about 90 minutes later in Halls near the city limits. A third robbery at a Clinton Hwy Walgreen’s occurred shortly thereafter. All of these robberies involved similar suspect descriptions, vehicles, and firearms.

Knoxville Police Department supervisors had ensured that the suspect and vehicle descriptions were being broadcast county-wife. At approximately 3:30 a.m., Trooper Joe Walker, #1192, having heard the previous descriptions and being aware of the latest robbery at Walgreens on Clinton Highway & Merchants Road, placed himself in a position to intercept the suspect vehicles. He spotted the described vehicles on Clinton Highway near Beaver Creek Road. He was able to stop one vehicle, detain a suspect, and recover a shotgun used in the robberies.

Based on information from Trooper Walker’s stop, KPD officers and investigators were able to quickly deploy to locate the other suspect. We arrived just in time to see him stash evidence (both the clothing worn and a handgun used in the robberies) into a parked car. This second suspect was arrested. Both of these suspects were later charged with armed robber. Additional charges are pending.

Please convey our appreciation to Trooper Walker. Due to his alertness and initaitve, one suspect was immediately detained, a weapon recovered, and solid information gathered on other possible suspect(s). The end result of Trooper Walker’s initial contact with these vehicles is that two armed robbers were arrested, three robberies solved, and both firearms used in the crimes were recovered.

Very truly yours,
Sterling P. Own, IV
Knoxville Chief of Police

Professionalism and Kindness of Officer Vespie

October 2, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

On September 28,1 was driving back from Nashville enroute to Knoxville on 1-40 and had a massive front tire blow-out. It was well after dark and 1 had my 5 year old son in the truck with me. 1 was in a precarious range of the road where the only cell phone service was to the 911 operator (the cell phone goes to emergency mode for 911 only). The dispatcher sent an officer out to check on us while 1 waited for help from Knoxville to arrive.

An Officer Vespie arrived to assist us. His cell phone service was limited as well, and since 1 was so still so far from Knoxville ....he decided to take it upon himself to change the tire for me. 1 was amazed at his kindness and his apparent concern for me and my family. He presented himself and your department with honor and chivalry.

My family and 1 are deeply appreciative of his help and certainly wanted his superior officer to know of his professionalism and kindness. It makes me glad and proud to be under your care.

Crystal L. Morrison

Appreciation for Sgt. Wilbanks

September 2009

He leadeth me beside the still waters...He restoreth my soul, Psalm 23:2, 3 KJV

Sgt Wilbanks,

Thank you for taking the time out of your day and weekend to come and help our church out with our first health fair. Thank you for also serving our state in law enforcement. May God bless you for your service to him to the people and to us. Again, we appreciate what you did and we appreciate it.

With love in Christ,
New Covenant Pentecostal Church and
Regina Williams

Sincere Appreciation for Lt. Albertson and CIRT Staff

September 2009

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the professional and efficient manner in which Lt. John Albertson and the CIRT staff handled the chain of events that resulted in six deaths on July 18, 2009.

The training and expertise of the T.H.P. Critical Incident Response Team certainly proved invaluable to our local Sheriff's Department in the massive undertaking of dealing with such a horrendous crime scene. The fact that everyone worked around the clock all weekend to help secure this community and gather the necessary evidence to bring justice to the victims and their families is indicative of the character and integrity of our law enforcement personnel.

On behalf of all Lincoln Countians, thank you for doing such an outstanding job in a situation that no one could ever have envisioned happening in our small rural community. Please extend my personal thanks to all the employees who helped in this tragic event.

Peggy G. Bevels
Lincoln County Mayor

Nice Staffers at Columbia DL Station

September 2009

Good people in Maury County! I want to let you know that I really appreciate you hiring such nice people like Brenda Collins and Tommie Bolton who work at your Columbia, TN office.

Ms. Bolton is the right person to have waiting on you when you come in the door. She is very nice and very knowledgeable. Thanks for making this event so pleasant for me.

Jack D. Coleman
Hampshire, TN

Trooper Butler, "A Real Trooper"

September 2009

We wish to thank and recognize a State Trooper by the name of Bryan Butler. We were stranded on I‐65 southbound near the Duck River Bridge after having hit a fairly large piece of wood, which lodged underneath our car. We had called AAA, and while awaiting help, Trooper Butler pulled up behind us and asked if we were having car trouble.

We explained the situation to him, and he assisted us in every way possible in trying to remove the piece of wood. We also felt much safer with him there and the emergency lights on of the highway patrol car on. He stayed with us until help arrived, some two hours later.

We know that sometimes the good deeds done by our law enforcement are overshadowed by one or two bad incidents that might have happened within law enforcement society. We want Trooper Butler’s superiors to know how much we appreciated him for all he did in making our “side of the road” event not as frightful as it could have been.

Thanks to Trooper Butler. He certainly is a real “TROOPER” – the kind everyone appreciates and who should be recognized for his kind deed and assistance.

Wayne and Betty Holland
Brentwood, TN

Impressed with Lt. Talley

September 2009

In reading an article in the July 31 News Sentinel, I saw where Lt. Danny Talley had been temporarily placed in charge of the East Tennessee criminal investigations division of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. I wanted to voice my approval of this appointment.

I do not know Talley but have had several opportunities to observe his conduct as a police officer and as a citizen in a professional setting and was very impressed with his conduct. I first came in contact with Talley when he stopped me for speeding in Cocke County almost 10 years ago. He was very courteous, friendly and professional even to the point that I felt guilty for speeding and causing him a problem.

Several months after this encounter, I was at a University of Tennessee football game. I began talking to a young couple sitting in front of me and asked what they did for a living. Talley told me that he was a Trooper in Cocke County and his wife was a nurse. I told him about my encounter (I did not remember his name or face), and he informed me that he was the one who stopped me. As the game progressed, a gentleman behind me had a heart attack, at which time Talley and his wife jumped from their seats and immediately began CPR.

My professional encounter with Talley was when I worked at Walters State Community College in Morristown, and he called my office to inquire about the use of our facilities for a Tennessee Highway Patrol function.

I am retired and 70 years old now, but I have never forgotten Danny Talley and thought as I read this article, “Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.” (Proverbs 20:11)

Jack W. Tucker
(In a letter to the Editor, Knoxville News Sentinel)

Trooper Neal Commended for Service

September 2009

We just wanted to drop a note concerning Trooper Nick Neal on his outstanding performance. As we were going home from Spring City, TN traveling on Highway 28, just two miles north from the 28/72 junction, we observed Trooper Neal bent over attempting to remove a flat tire from a small pick‐up truck. We turned around to offer assistance to the trooper.

The occupants of the truck were elderly, and the male, who we learned had cancer, was gasping for air as it was about 98 degrees. Although it was hot, the Trooper did not seem to care and just kept working to get the spare mounted for the couple.

This action by Trooper Neal makes us believe all of our Troopers care for others in time of need. Please keep up this fine work. We would like to commend Trooper Neal for his service, which are above and beyond the normal duties of a Tennessee State Trooper.

Ann and Ken Ellis

Utmost Professionalism by THP Honor Guard

September 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU and the Tennessee Highway Patrol for recently providing the THP Honor Guard in support of the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s hosting of the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators Annual Conference held at Lowe’s Vanderbilt Plaza.

When I was tasked by my Director to locate an Honor Guard team, I knew that the best could be found with the Highway Patrol. Lt. Kendall Riley, Sgt. Ben Williams, Sgt. Terrell Johnson and Trooper Josh Brown did an excellent job and represented your agency with the utmost professionalism.

Mark T. Hutchens
TABC Chief Law
Enforcement Officer

Trooper Clower, Above and Beyond

September 2009

Recently, my family and I were on our way home to Gettysburg, PA from Louisiana. We were traveling north on I‐75 when our van broke down. We tried to reach AAA, but before we got in touch with them one of your Troopers, Thomas Clower, showed up.

We had already been there for about half an hour when AAA told us it would be another 60—90 minutes until the tow truck would get there. With seven of us standing along the road, Trooper Clower told us he would call a wrecker for us and then he proceeded to help me try to reach a rental car company.

No rental car company would deliver a car to us. Trooper Clower said he would take us to the airport to get a rental car. Although the first thing he did was to make sure that the rest of the family got to a safe hotel. He then took my husband, my daughter and me to the airport. When we got there I didn’t realize they would need a credit card to rent the car to us. Neither my husband nor myself had one, but my mother‐in‐law, who was back at the hotel, did. Trooper Clower took husband back to the hotel to get her card. When they got back, he came inside and stayed with us to make sure we got the rental car.

I wanted to tell you what an awesome person Trooper Clower is. He was an answer to our prayers. He went above and beyond for us and we appreciated it. You are blessed to have him in your office.

Rebecca J. Herring
Gettysburg, PA

Excellent Service by Gibson Station/Trenton Driver Testing Center Staff

September 2009

I just want to compliment the excellent service we received at the Gibson Station/Trenton Driver Testing Center. The employees were professional and helpful. The office was run efficiently and, most of all, friendly. The road test was on schedule and the employees were happy to answer questions.

All in all, it was a very pleasant experience. I highly compliment the kind and knowledgeable employees at the Gibson County/Highway 45/Trenton Department of Safety.

Carol Himmelstein

Gratitude Regarding Trooper Michael Morgan

September 8, 2009

Dear Mr. Coker:

I want to thank you for taking the time to send me the letter of gratitude regarding Trooper Michael Morgan.

It is always refreshing to hear about the professionalism, kindness and caring extended by our troopers, and I am glad to know Trooper Morgan was there to assist when you were involved in an automobile accident.

These kinds of acts are performed each day by troopers across the state, but seldom do we hear from the citizens we are sworn to serve. Thank you, once again, for taking the time to express it. I will share with Trooper Morgan and his supervisors your kind words.

If the Tennessee Highway Patrol can ever assist you in the future, please do not hesitate to call on us.

Major John Savage
Office of Professional Responsibility

Gallatin DL Station Staff Friendly and Professional

September 3, 2009

I recently went to the Gallatin DL station to renew my driver's license on 9/03/09. I had planned on being there for a couple of hours, but to my surprise, I was in and out of there within about 20 minutes.

The staff was very friendly and professional. There were about 15 people in there and everyone was called in order by an assigned number. I just wanted to let someone know my experience was a pleasant one.

Thank You,
Shirley Englett
Portland, TN

Arrest of Burglary Suspect

August 6, 2009

To: Captain Robert Melton
From: Lt Paul Dunaway

On 8-6-2009, Trooper Chris Hosick was assisting the Madison County Sheriff’s Dept. A black male had been observed burglarizing a home on Brown’s Church Road in Madison County. When a neighbor yelled at him he dropped a big screen television and fled the scene in a white Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The house had been ransacked. I was in the vicinity so I began to patrol the area. I met with Trooper Joseph Massengill who was patrolling the area. He gave a more detailed description of the suspect as had been provided to him by Madison County. He advised the black male was wearing a black doo rag, white shirt, denium shorts and the white Chevrolet Monte Carlo had a doughnut spare on it. Shortly after that while driving down East Chestnut Street in Jackson I spotted a male subject matching the description at a residence on Rhea Street. There was a white Monte Carlo in front of the residence with a doughnut spare. The male was talking to two women. He spotted me and became very nervous. The male go into the Monte Carlo. At that time I proceeded to do a felony stop on the suspect. I called for back up. Trooper Massengill arrived to assist in making the arrest. Trooper Kevin Brown and Trooper Chris Hosick also arrived on the scene. The Madison County Sheriff’s Dept took the suspect into custody and also recovered items from the vehicle including a window air conditioner from a residence.

Appreciation for Trooper Whitten's Service

August 3, 2009

I would like to extend to you my sincere appreciation of your hard work on enforcement activity this past week. Efforts such as your (82 citations issued) make a very big difference and merit special recognition.

You may not realize it, but your attitude and willingness to go the extra mile are not unrecognized by others who work with you, and most importantly of all, the public.

Thank you for your service to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. You do make a difference.


Captain Robert E. Melton
Tennessee Highway Patrol
Jackson, TN
Cc: Sgt Brad Wilbanks

Steadiness of Trooper Phillip Warren

August 2009

On June 3, I was on a motorcycle trip on Highway 129 with two of my friends. One of them had the misfortune to fail to make it safely through one of those infamous turns, and his accident resulted in a broken ankle and some minor scrapes.

Trooper Phillip Warren arrived at the scene and immediately took control of the situation. The remoteness of the area made the logistics of dealing with the ambulance, wrecker, and traffic control that much more difficult. Trooper Warren handled the incident with a steady hand, which helped everyone involved. His appearance and demeanor were outstanding and his professionalism in handling this situation reflects highly on the Tennessee State Troopers.

Sam Barnard
Green Valley, AZ

Trooper Barry Jarnagin's Professionalism

August 2009

I am writing this letter because of the excellent job by Trooper Barry Jarnagin on Saturday, April 25, 2009. My daughter, Amber, was traveling on Interstate 81 North going to Greeneville when her vehicle spun out of control because of a flat tire. She was left facing the oncoming traffic. This was really scary to her as a big semi‐truck was coming her way. Thankfully, the truck was able to stop. The semi‐truck and another truck stopped and tried to help her. During the process of being spun around, Amber’s truck had stalled. She tried to start it, but could not. Trooper Jarnagin got in the vehicle and got her out of danger.

In the meantime, Amber called me and her stepdad to come and meet her. She was really shaken up, but Trooper Jarnagin stayed with her until we got there. We feel this was above and beyond the call of duty. We really appreciated this as you never know what could happen to someone who has broken down on the Interstate. Also, Trooper Jarnagin helped my husband change Amber’s flat tire, which took some work because of where the spare was located. The intense heat was also a factor. Trooper Jarnagin never complained about any of this and was very professional in handling this whole matter.

I know to some people this may not seem like much, but to the three of us it was. We just wanted your department to know how much we appreciated his help. Her dad, who is in Wisconsin, was also very pleased about this as well.

Trooper Barry Jarnagin, THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE.

Mike and Lillie Swafford

Wonderful Ambassador in Trooper Jonathon Scott

August 2009

We two 80+ year olds wish to commend Trooper Jonathon Scott for being an angel of mercy on June 14. We were on I‐75 that hot afternoon in heavy traffic when about 4 p.m. we struck something in the road. Shortly thereafter we realized our tire was damaged and managed to pull of the road. We called AAA, telling them we were just north of Knoxville. We were assured they would put us at the top of the list as we were on I‐75.

While we were waiting a Trooper stopped to see if we needed assistance and we told him we had called AAA and they were on the way. After checking to see that we had water and air‐conditioning, he gave us the star number to call if we needed further help.

After about two hours, a dead battery, and several calls from AAA trying to locate us in Kentucky, we called the star number. In short order Trooper Scott arrived. He acted quickly to change our tire and was just finishing when the AAA truck arrived and jump started the van.

Both men advised us to back track to Clinton to the Wal‐Mart where we could buy a new tire. Trooper Scott followed us all the way to assure himself we were safe.

Jonathon Scott is a wonderful ambassador for the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the state of Tennessee. We are eternally grateful to him.

Bruce and Peggy Dungan
Frankfort, KY

Grateful to Trooper Jon Judge

August 2009

On Friday, June 19, 2009, our family was driving north on state road 75 in Tennessee, just prior to exit 114 when our back tire blew. Trooper Jon Judge came to our rescue. He changed the tire for us then used his jumper cables to start our car…in the very hot sun. He was a true gentleman and we’re most grateful for his assistance. We wanted you to be aware of this kind deed. Thanks to Trooper Judge we were on our way very quickly. Cheers for him!

Gil & Mary Seger
Clarksville, IN

Trooper Brandon McCauley Commended

August 2009

Recently, I had the misfortune to have a blow out while driving on I‐40 in the vicinity of mile marker 185. Within minutes Trooper Brandon McCauley pulled up behind my car. With caution lights on, Trooper McCauley checked to see that my wife and I were alright. Then Trooper McCauley proceeded to check our spare tire, then with dispatch, he changed our tire and saw that we got back on the road safely. I commend this Trooper for being an excellent representative of the state of Tennessee.

With Respect,
Albert C. Rainey

Appreciation for Trooper Mike Beaty

August 2009

I would like to let you know how much my wife and I appreciated State Trooper Mike Beaty’s roadside assistance when we were in need of help on Interstate I‐40 eastbound near Kingston. On June 13, I was driving with my wife in our old Acura coming back from Nashville. Suddenly, the car lost all power. I was fortunate enough to be able to steer it to park on the shoulder of the Interstate, where I turned on the car’s emergency flashing lights. It was about 6:40 pm on a Saturday. We called AAA for a tow truck’s services. We were told to wait at least one hour. We parked there and were really scared of all the traffic passing by with thundering speed. My wife was scared and afraid that some of the cars and trucks might hit us. Then Trooper Beaty appeared. We explained our situation and expressed our concerns and scare. He told us that he’d stay for a few minutes until the tow truck arrived. He was a blessing. Most cars and trucks moved to the outside lane. “A few minutes” turned into half and hour or close to 45 minutes before the tow truck got there.

We were very impressed with Trooper Beaty’s professionalism. He was responsive to our expressed safety concerns, and he gave help when we needed it most. He cared about the safety of citizens like us, disabled while traveling. He reflected the good image of the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Department. We need more State Trooper like Mike Beaty. We are grateful to him and the THP. Please keep up the good work.

Thanh and Loan Duong
Knoxville, TN

Sincere Thanks to June Parker

August 2009

On behalf of the Tennessee Clerks of Court Conference and the Administrative Office of the Courts, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Ms. June Parker for her participation in the May and June seminars. The “Online CDL/DL Reporting System” program was well received and I appreciate Ms Parker taking the time out of her schedule to be with us.

Best Regards,
Wendy Borthwick
Conference Coordinator

Thanks to Lt. Danny W. Talley, Tennessee Highway Patrol Strike Team 5

July 29, 2009

Kenny, Bill, Chuck, Bill:

This email comes to thank you for taking such good care of me and the other girls during our HOT8 training last week. Team B was the best! I very rarely have been as compelled as this to thank a group of people for a job well done. You were all perfect gentleman, watched out for us during the entire training, and also entertained us when it was most needed. All four of us girls were very apprehensive about going into the training on the second day and because of you, our fears were easy to set aside. The Tennessee State Troopers are second to none and I truly mean that. Thank you again for being such fine individuals and for representing your agency with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

Take care and stay safe,
Deon K. Pillard, MS
Manager, Homeland Security
Will County Emergency Management Agency
Joliet, Illinois

Outstanding Job by T.H.P. CIRT

July 29, 2009

Dear Lt. Albertson:

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the professional and efficient manner in which you and your staff handled the chain of events that resulted in six deaths on Saturday, July 18, 2009.

The training and expertise of the T.H.P. Critical Incident Response Team certainly proved invaluable to our local Sheriff's Department in the massive undertaking of dealing with such a horrendous crime scene. The fact that everyone worked around the clock all weekend to help secure this community and gather the necessary evidence to bring justice to the victims and their families is indicative of the character and integrity of our law enforcement personnel.

On behalf of all Lincoln Countians, thank you for doing such an outstanding job in a situation that no one could ever have envisioned happening in our small rural community. Please extend my personal thanks to all the employees who helped in this tragic event.

As always, if I can ever be of assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

Peggy G. Bevels
County Mayor

Above and Beyond

July 7, 2009

To Colonel Trott:

I want to bring to your attention the life-saving efforts of Lieutenant Steve Russell performed July 3, 2009, in Carroll County. Lieutenant Russell heard a call for emergency assistance at 1150 Harris Lane, the residence of Joe Curtis. The call referenced someone caught in a farm auger at this location. Since Lt. Russell was nearby and because he knew the owner of this property, he proceeded to the location to be of assistance.

Upon his arrival he found Mr. Curtis, the owner, had been caught in the farm machine while attempting to free a horse which had also been caught up in the auger. In the freeing of the animal, the horse had thrashed about causing the machine arm to pin Mr. Curtis in a scissors-like grip. Other emergency responders had arrived and all efforts to extradite Mr. Curtis failed. Lt. Russell, knowing Mr. Curtis was a farmer and mechanic, quickly thought that he must have a torch in his barn. Lt. Russell ran into the nearby barn and did locate a torch. He dragged the torch out and was on his way to the location of Mr. Curtis when a Carroll County Deputy arrived. Lt. Russell recognized the deputy and knew he was a welder. They were able to ignite the torch and use it to free Mr. Curtis, who was near death at this point.

Mr. Curtis was life-flighted to a Nashville hospital and remains in critical condition. I am sure that Mr. Curtis has at least a chance of survival, despite grave injury, due to the quick-thinking and response of Lieutenant Russell.

I believe Lieutenant Russell performed "above and beyond" during this critical situation and would like to recommend him for special recognition for the quick thinking and professionalism he demonstrated in this situation.

Captain Robert Melton

Trooper Todd, Very Friendly and Professional

June 29, 2009

Yesterday, I was pulled over by your officer for what seemed to be a seatbelt violation but it was just a misunderstanding because of the sunlight. I want to let you know that officer Todd was very friendly and professional. I want to commend his service.

Because I have a permit to carry a gun, I did mention to officer Todd that I was wearing my gun and it was loaded and he disarm me in a pleasant manner. All I did was exit the vehicle and officer Todd then removed my weapon for his safety, (I didn’t want him to get nervous either).

The few mins that I did get to speak with officer Todd, it revealed his understanding and respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights for the American People. That is very important. We have a president and congress that are passing Bills that are unconstitutional. Sir, your officers are on the front lines and I just hope they take their oath serious about protecting and upholding the Constitution of the United States and protecting the citizens of Tennessee.

I just thought it would be nice to send a thank you letter and how much I appreciate your officers professional duty and friendly personality. Its always welcomed.

One more thing, could you please let me know that officer Todd was informed of this letter.

Respectfully submitted

Jimmy Beck
USMC 93-97

Dresden, TN

Appreciation for the Trooper

June 29, 2009

I would like to send my appreciation to the supervisor of a trooper who assisted my family and I on the evening of 19 Jun 09 near Bulls Gap, TN (mile marker 42 on I-81 South) when our RV had a blowout. Although I did not directly see the officer's name and badge number, he told my husband his name was Officer Good (Goode?) and that is all I have. Could you please provide a phone number/email address of the officer's supervisor so I can express our gratitude for ensuring our safety?

Thanking you in advance,
Michelle Brown

Thanks for Sobriety Checkpoints

June 25, 2009

Traveling from Shelbyville to Tullahoma I've been stopped several times for a sobriety check. All I can say is thank you to the Bedford County Sheriff's Department, Shelbyville Police Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol officers for a job well done.

Sometimes I'm in a hurry and don't want to stop, but your efforts benefit not only myself and those I love but they benefit everyone. Sometimes we forget to say thank you for keeping us safe. So from all of us who love their families and friends, again I say thank you.

Marla Ziegler,

Appreciative and Grateful to Trooper Beaty

June 15, 2009

Dear Captain Sanders,

I would like to let you and Officer Mike Beaty know how much my wife and I appreciated and grateful to State Trooper Beaty's roadside assistance when we were in need of help on Interstate 1-40 eastbound near the City of Kingston, Tennessee. On June 13,2009 I was driving with my wife in our old Acura on I-40 East coming back from Nashville; and suddenly the car lost all power and I was fortunate to steer it to park on the shoulder of the Interstate and turned on the car's emergency flashing lights. It was about 6:40 PM on a Saturday. We called AAA for a tow truck's services. We were told to wait at least one hour. We parked there and were really scared of all the traffic passing by with thundering speed. My wife was scared and afraid some cars or trucks might hit us. Then Trooper Beaty appeared; we explained our situation and expressed our concerns and scare. He told us that he'd stay for a few minutes until the tow truck arrives. He was a blessing. Most cars and trucks moved to the outside lane. "A few minutes" turned into half an hour or close to forty five minutes before the tow truck got there.

We were very impressed with State Trooper Mike Beaty's professionalism. He was responsive to our expressed safety concerns and he gave help when we needed most. He cared about the safety of citizens like us, disabled while traveling on the Interstate. He reflected the good image of the Tennessee Highway Patrol and of the Department. We need more State troopers like Officer Mike Beaty. We are grateful to him and the state Highway Patrol. Please keep up the good work.

Thanh and Loan Duong

Gratitude Expressed for Participation

May 5, 2009

Dear Officers,

Thank you so much for your participation in our Mock Crash on April 21st. It was challenging day, but so much fun and wouldn’t have been possible without your help. It was very satisfying to see how different professional area wide teams came together to stage such a believable event. We believe this simulation was important for all teenagers to experience and feel that we accomplished our goal by presenting this powerful message to them. Perhaps by doing this mock crash we may have save the life of a child and much heartache for a family and community. Again, we cannot express enough gratitude for your much needed participation.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can be of any assistance to you in the future.

Audra Henderson

Thanks to Trooper Bobby Fuller

April 22, 2009

Dear Mr. Fuller,

On behalf of the Criminal Justice Society and the Criminal Justice Faculty, we would like to thank you for attending our 4th annual criminal justice career day on Monday, April 6, 2009.  We want to let you know that we appreciate your time and hope that you enjoyed the event.

The year’s criminal Justice career day was successful thanks to you and your department. We have already come up with some ideas for improving this event for next year and hope to see you there. Please do not hesitate to call or email any of the criminal justice faculty if you need assistance in the future.

Tina L. Lee PhD
 The University of Tn at Martin

Courteous Driver Service Center in Oakland

April 2009

This email is all about a big thank you. I went to the Driver Service Center in Oakland (Fayette County) to renew my license and had a very good, quick experience. Pleasant people in the office—all courteous and knowledgeable!

Diane Stearns,
Germantown, TN

Trooper Extremely Helpful

April 2009

We were traveling on Interstate 24 in the area of Lake Nickajack when we had the unfortunate experience of a flat tire. After determining the need for assistance, we called and were connected with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Trooper Steven Bourque arrived after a few minutes. He assisted in removing the tire from the car and when we discovered the spare tire was unusable, he offered to take us and our tire to a local service station. After confirming that the service station owner would take care of our situation, Trooper Bourque returned to his duties.

Trooper Bourque conducted himself in a most professional manner as well as being friendly and extremely helpful.

Ron & Karen VanderMeer

Trooper a Welcome Sight

April 2009

This afternoon I was traveling Interstate 40 en route to Ripley from Jackson when I suddenly experienced a flat tire. For a woman alone stranded on the side of the road, Patrolman Kenny Ganaway’s timely arrival was a welcome sight. I wish to commend Patrolman Ganaway for his exceeding kindness and professionalism. His calming and efficient presence made a difficult experience much easier as he waited with me for help to arrive and then maintained his post until the task of changing the tire was completed.

I am grateful the State of Tennessee has such dedicated troopers in its service and am very confident that Patrolman Ganaway represents the very best of this group.

Jean Reid Criner
Ripley, TN

Forever Grateful to Trooper Mills

April 2009

I am writing this letter of commendation regarding Trooper Roy Mills. I was extremely ill with a severe attack of vertigo while in my car in the parking lot at Wal‐Mart in Bolivar. Trooper Mills assisted me in calling an ambulance and waiting for the ambulance to arrive and transport me to the hospital.

He was so considerate and kind to take the time to “rescue” me from my total distress. I will be forever grateful to him for his kindness and concern. Trooper Mills is indeed a credit to the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Dorothy Pugh
Whiteville, TN

Sergeant Hobbs' Attention to Detail

April 2009

On behalf of the Clarksville Police Department, I would like to commend Sergeant Maurice Hobbs for recently singly‐handedly apprehending an armed robbery suspect.

The suspect, it was later determined, was not only responsible for robbing the convenience store where he was spotted, but was also responsible for a theft of property at a local business several hours earlier.

Sergeant Hobbs’ attention to detail in spotting suspicious activity and his courageous actions in giving chase of a potentially armed suspect knowing that he did not have back up brings great credit upon him and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. I appreciate his actions and thank him for his quick thinking and professionalism.

Alonzo R. Ansley
Clarksville Chief of Police

Thank You Trooper Hadden

April 2009

We recently began operation of an industrial limestone mine in Franklin County. As this business was new to us, we needed to better understand the rules and procedures necessary to help us manage the shipping of our product. I made contact with the Manchester scales and was referred to Sergeant Harmon, who put us in contact with Trooper Robert Hadden.

I want to personally thank you for providing the ACES program. Having the opportunity to present our new operation as implemented and informally ask questions as to some things we need to change, add, and/or know, the ACES program is a valuable tool to help us operate safely. The information we gained from Trooper Hadden, especially through real time observation was extremely helpful and will be invaluable as we grow our business.

From the first telephone call I made to the Manchester scales to our visit with Trooper Hadden, every individual was helpful and polite. We are proud of your department's staff, efforts, and programs available to assist us and especially appreciate the personal touch that comes with an onsite visit.

With warm regards,
Monty Adams
Sherwood Mining Company

Extremely Impressed with Belinda Grant

Arpil 2009

Last week, my son secured a driver license from the Tullahoma Driver Service Center.

We live in Mt. Juliet, but due to time constraints, we made an appointment at the Tullahoma location. I called ahead of time and spoke with Belinda Grant. I was extremely impressed with her kind demeanor and helpfulness.

My husband actually took my son for the testing appointment that afternoon. He was also pleasantly surprised at the helpfulness of Ms. Grant when he arrived, as well as another one of her coworkers. He stated she had the “patience of Job” in dealing with the individuals who entered the testing center, and he too was very impressed. And, he does not compliment anyone unless it’s truly deserved!

I wanted you to know how much we appreciated dealing with these employees. Please realize how lucky you are have these folks employed by the State.

Note: Employees also helping the Witt’s were Art Evenson, who administered the road test, along with Lorna Lewis and Heather Buckley.

Leanne Witt
Wilson County

Chris Lea Commended

April 2009

This letter is to commend Chris Lea with the West Tennessee Critical Incident Response Team for a job well done.

My office recently prosecuted David Vestal in Crockett County for a homicide that was a result of a vehicle striking a young man. Trooper Lea assisted the Crockett County Sheriffs’ Department during their investigation of this incident, and he always made himself available to this office as we prepared for this case. His testimony was critical in the trial, and as a result, we obtained a conviction for reckless homicide.

Trooper Lea conducted himself in a courteous and professional manner during this entire procedure. It was a pleasure dealing with Trooper Lea. He is an asset to his team, as well as the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Working with dedicated officers certainly makes a prosecutor's job easier, and I appreciate all of their efforts on our behalf.

District Attorney General Garry Brown
Twenty‐Eighth Judicial District

Appreciation for Trooper Armstrong

March 2009

I want to express my appreciation for the assistance I received from Trooper Joseph Armstrong on December 20. I was driving westbound on I-10, about 10-20 miles east of Jackson, Tennessee, when I experienced some tire trouble. I called the Jackson office of the THP on my cell phone, and soon, Trooper Armstrong arrived to help me get assistance from a local repair shop. I appreciate his assistance so much.

Thank you.
Richard Sillaman,
Riverside, CA

Gesture Making a Real Difference

March 2009

This letter is written in appreciation for the direct assistance that was provided to two of our female students at Vance Middle School. Unfortunately, both of the female students became pregnant, and we felt compelled to assist them with their respective situations. We do understand and realize the moral issues that we were faced with; however, these are still our students, and we have a responsibility to assist them in everything that they do. Mrs. Regina Pitts, 7th Grade Science Instructor, had an idea of providing assistance to both young ladies. Sergeant Sadie Chatman and Lieutenant Cheryl McNeary dutifully assistedus in this endeavor by providing baby car seats for both female students.

A gesture such as this makes a real difference in the lives of our children. You have invested in this community and to this school with your willingness to provide services beyond the call of duty. We must remain committed to public education and place emphasis on the quality of our students’ education. I want you to know that your two officers have made a difference in the lives of these two students. This is a place where, “We love Vance absolutely!” We want you to know that you are now a Vance Eagle, so we want you to continue to support us as we move to meeting the next challenge — ”A repeat to AYP.”

Again, thanks and appreciation are not enough words to express, I am indebted to you for assisting VMS in serving our students’ social, personal and academic needs. Please feel free to stop by at any time. Thank you again.

Leviticus S. Pointer, Principal
Vance Middle School, Memphis, Tennessee

Professional and Compassionate Former Trooper

March 2009

Several years ago, a young Tennessee State Trooper came to our door in the early hours of the morning to tell us that our oldest daughter had died in a car crash. The Trooper was professional and compassionate, and I remember being thankful that if anyone had to bring me this news that it would be him. Our car had, indeed, been in an accident, but the driver was not our daughter. The Trooper could not have known that the driver was not our daughter, because no one in the car had ID on them. It was a case of mistaken identity. Forty-five minutes later, my daughter called to tell me that she was okay. I got in touch with that Trooper and told him what had happened. He went to the home where my daughter had been sleeping, picked her up and brought her home to me. After I hugged my daughter and cried, I went to that Trooper and hugged him. I thanked him for bringing her home to me. He wept. I knew at that moment that this was a man of character. We talked several times after that event. He began dating one of my friends.

A few years passed by and one day, when my youngest daughter was at school, a mentally disturbed person came onto the school campus and groped several of the young girls. My daughter was one of them. We talked to the Trooper about what had happened, and he gave my youngest daughter his personal cell phone number so she could call him if she needed him. The following day, I received a call from my daughter. She said that the disturbed man had returned to the school and had parked behind her car in the parking lot. He was waiting for her. When I arrived at the school after talking to my hysterical daughter, I saw the man in hand cuffs. I also saw the State Trooper. He was there protecting my daughter and every other child in that school. I saw him many times after that in the hallways of the Courthouse as he assisted with the prosecution of the criminal.

That Trooper went on to join the TBI and the National Guard. He was deployed to Iraq in January. Yesterday, February 24, two Iraqi Policemen opened fire on our American soldiers and then fled. One of those soldiers died. His name was Eric Emmert, our State Trooper, our friend, our protector. Please join me in praying for his family.

Nancy Rutledge

Helpful and Engaging Driver Service Examiners

March 2009

On March 10, I and my two teenage daughters arrived at the DL Station on Summer Avenue at 8:15 a.m. Upon our arrival, there were at least 20 people in line ahead of us. I was there simply to change my home address; my 18-year-old needed to change her address and to update her intermediate license to a regular license; and my 15-year-old was there to test for her driver’s permit. After standing in line for an hour, Sharon Chew and the security guard made an announcement asking that anyone who was in line to make an address change could move to the front of the line and use the self-service machines. I and my older daughter proceeded inside and my younger daughter continued to wait in line. There were only two machines working. I completed my self-service within 30 minutes and was called to the front to have my photo made within 30 minutes. My older daughter was unable to complete her self-service process, because the machine would not take my credit card for her license. As we were waiting for my photo, Sharon Chew called my younger daughter to the counter. We were informed that she needed a certified copy of her birth certificate, which I had forgotten to bring with me. Ms. Chew gave me a slip and told me that if I left to get the birth certificate and came back today that I would not have to get back in line. We left and returned within the hour, and Ms. Chew saw us come through the door. She called me straight to the counter, took my forms and with a smile, said, “I see you made it back.” Then she sent us to the waiting room. This simple act of a smile and kind words from Ms. Chew made my waiting and the trouble of leaving and coming back all worthwhile.

Once at the testing counter, Constance Lee was very helpful, engaging and kind to me and my daughter. She made my teenager feel at ease and relaxed right before her test. I would like to compliment both of these very professional, kind and helpful women. It is very rare today to get a nice, kind, helpful customer service person. As a customer, it is very disheartening to encounter rude behavior over and over in places where I am spending my money. Some of the public’s perception of state employees is that they are rude to the public. These two women dispelled that myth. Their kindness is the reason that I felt compelled to write this letter. I hope my words will encourage these ladies and others to keep striving to treat others with friendliness and kindness.

Carolyn Jones

Greatly Appreciated Help from Sue Anderson

March 2009

Recently, I was at the Driver License Station on Centennial Boulevard in Nashville. I am unable to use a computer and was having difficulty with the renewal process. An employee, Sue Anderson, left her work and went out of her way to assist me. With her help, I was able to complete the task and renew my license.

Her help was greatly appreciated, and I felt that she did a great job.

Thank you,
Paul Somers, Jr.

Sincere Appreciation for Joyce Reed

March 2009

I would like to take the time to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful job Examiner Joyce Reed did when I telephoned the customer service unit in Nashville. I work in the customer service field, and I feel comfortable saying that Joyce provided excellent service. I just could not pass up the opportunity to let your department know that you have an awesome employee. Joyce took the time to explain everything I needed to do, what documents I needed to take and where to go. She even told me about the downtown office. I had no idea there was an office downtown! She even put notes in the system for me. When I visited the downtown office, everything worked out very smoothly. I cannot express how much I appreciate Joyce taking the time to assist me.

Thanks again,
Jesse Adams

Wonderful Service from Driver Services Center Examiner and Staff

March 2009

I am temporarily living in Jackson, Mississippi. Recently, I traveled to Memphis to get a duplicate copy of my driver license at the Union Extended Driver Services Center. I must say that I have never gone to a Driver Services Center and had such wonderful service. Examiner Teresa Williams and all of the staff, as well as the security guard, were very kind.

Thank you so much and tell the staff at that location that they are doing a wonderful job!

Anne Marie Carson

Visit was Fast and Organized

February 2009

That was the fastest and most organized visit ever for any Driver License issuance I have had!

Thank you so much,
Michael Brazil

Sincere Appreciation for Joel Stoutt's Efforts

February 2009

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the fine job Examiner Joel Stoutt did at the Clinton Driver License Station. My wife and I took our daughter to get her driver license permit today. I had actually dreaded making the trip after work.

Examiner Stoutt stated that he was on loan from the Maryville Station. He was very courteous and professional and said that he believed in treating people the way he would want to be treated. My family and I were very impressed with the manner in which he performed his duties. I could tell that he actually enjoyed his work.

Thank you,
Russell Harper

Edith Vanetta was Kind and Helpful

February 2009

I hope this finds you well. We spoke several months ago. You were so very kind and helpful to me at a difficult time. I am sorry for the delay. I and my mother have not been well. Jared (Kekuna) has been home helping out and not driving. Would you please help him get back on the road?

Thank you,
Molly Kekuna

June Parker Thanked

February 2009

Thank you for your kindness and your help. You are cared for. Happy ’09!

Diane Gregory

WGNS Salutes Trooper Boyd

February 2009

Trooper Justin Boyd was recognized as WGNS “Officer of the Week” for the week of January 8. The following correspondence from Bart Walker conveys the reason for the honor:

The public has commended you for “going the extra mile.” WGNS encourages listeners to let us know when they see a law enforcement officer doing more than what is listed in their job description.

Whether it is helping a motorist or comforting a citizen in distress, your caring attitude is being noticed by many.

WGNS is proud to salute you all week on the radio, and Jim Demos and his family are giving a $20 gift certificate to you to enjoy at Demos’ Steak and Spaghetti House.

The professional manner in which you conduct yourself on and off duty is recognized with this award. Someone took the time to submit your name to WGNS Talk Radio and give a description of your “caring actions.” You are being recognized because of your professionalism and dedication to duties, as well as willingness to help. Our community is better off thanks to caring and professional officers like you.

This is all to say THANK YOU for an outstanding job!

Bart Walker, WGNS Radio

Delilah Howell Praised

February 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to praise Delilah Howell. Her work ethic as a state employee has made my role as Robertson County Clerk easier as I serve the great citizens of our county. Extend my compliments to her for the diligent service she provides.

Susan Atchley

Grateful for THP Knoxville District

February 2009

In these times of economic woes for everyone, it is such a blessing to have people in our lives who care about one of their own. You will never know how much my family and I appreciate your generosity during our rough times. We will always be grateful for your help but above all, for your caring and love. Our daughter and grandchildren had a wonderful Christmas thanks to all of you, but the greatest gift you gave us was your love.

You all have made us very proud, blessed and humbled to have friends like you. We pray that the Lord will always watch over you and bless you and your families. The Lord said in His Word: “What you have done to the least of these My children, you have done unto Me.” May God richly bless each of you.

Wendy Walker
Communications Dispatcher 2

Superb Endeavor by Trooper Pitts

Febrary 2009

Please convey our sincere gratitude and appreciation for a superb endeavor accomplished by Trooper Todd Pitts in the capture of Robert Wayne Cooper on January 14. Cooper was an escapee from the Montgomery County Workhouse work detail.

Due to Trooper Pitts’ high level of perception and awareness, he spotted the vehicle believed to have been used by the defendant. Based on a previous BOLO, he stopped the vehicle and subsequently pursued the defendant on foot until he could subdue and detain the defendant. The defendant’s vehicle was found to contain a loaded weapon, numerous items of stolen property and evidence, which resulted in resolution of several burglaries, various felony charges and the return of property to rightful owners.

Trooper Pitts acted in the highest tradition of a professional law enforcement officer, and we commend him for this service to his fellow officers and the citizens of Montgomery County. In his actions, he rendered a great service to our agency and the public by utilizing his training, experience and expertise in this important apprehension.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship, and feel free to call upon us any time we may be of assistance.

Sheriff Norman Lewis
Office of the Sheriff, Montgomery Country

Thanks to Captain Williams & Lieutenant Ruskey

February 2009

Captain Williams, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak at the annual McMinn County Rescue Squad Installation Dinner on the evening of January 3, 2009.

Your remarks were timely and informative. Also, we were very blessed to learn that you were a volunteer fire fighter in your home county early in your career.

Congratulations on your recent promotion to Captain of the twelve-county Chattanooga THP District. We wish you the very best in the future. Also, please extend our thanks to Lieutenant Daniel Ruskey, as well. We look forward to working with you.

District Chief Harold Eaton,
McMinn County Rescue

Pleasantly Surprised

January 2009


Yesterday, my husband and I went to the Gallatin office to renew his driver's license. We had many other stops to make that day, so planned to cancel them if we should get hung up at your office. To our pleasant surprise, the office had been revamped since we were last there. We could park on the property instead of down the street, our needs were met quickly and efficiently, and the staff was friendly and cheerful. What a difference!

Please pass along our appreciation to the staff in Gallatin. They're doing a fine job.

Evan & Carol Reilly

Human Resources and Information Systems Staff Commended

January 2009

I wanted to take the opportunity to commend several of your employees who assisted with the 2008 Tennessee Highway Patrol Promotional Process. The employees I would like to commend are: Brian Rowe, HR; Wade Williams, HR; Kristi Swink, HR; Kelly Harrington, HR; and Julio Barreda, Information Systems.

They were all quick to offer their assistance to not only me, but the other out-of-state promotional board panel members. Their courteous behavior and professionalism during this promotional board was truly appreciated, and it reflected well on you and your department.

If I can assist you in any way, please do not hestitate to contact me.

Michele Ticho,
First Sergeant, Virginia State Police

Quick and Efficient Gallatin DL Station Staff

January 2009

Yesterday, my husband and I went to the Gallatin DL Office to renew his driver license. We had many other stops to make that day; we had planned to cancel them if we should get hung up at your office. To our pleasant surprise, the office had been revamped since we were last there. We could park on the property instead of down the street. Our needs were met quickly and efficiently, and staff were friendly and cheerful. What a difference!

Please pass along our appreciation to the Gallatin staff. They are doing a fine job.

Evan and Carol Reilly

Great Job by Sue Anderson

January 2009

Recently, I was at the Centennial Boulevard DL location. I am unable to use a computer and have difficulty with the renewal process. An employee, Sue Anderson, left her work and went out of her way to assist me. With her help, I was able to complete the task and renew my license. Her help was greatly appreciated, and I felt she did a great job. Thank you.

Paul Somers, Jr.

Efficient Murfreesboro Road DL Station

January 2009

I renewed my license today at the Murfreesboro Road location. Thank you for the efficient way it was handled.

Sue Jones

Happy Camper with Renewed License

January 2009

I have just visited the State of Tennessee website to find out the closest place to renew my driver license since my current one expires on Monday. Lo and behold, I found that I could renew online, right this minute, and even keep the photo on my current driver license. So I did it. The process was clear and easy, and I am a happy camper with a renewed license!

Wesley Paine,
Director, The Parthenon

Extremely Satisfying Experience

January 2009

The person completing the survey stated that he/she transferred from out-of-state and secured a Tennessee Driver License in fifteen minutes or less. He/she was extremely satisfied with the efficiency of the examiner, Richard Blackburn, stating that he does his job extremely well and is a true professional. Also, this person was pleased with the cleaniness and the feeling of safety and security at the station. Overall, he/she rated the Franklin Driver License Station as a station where he/she had an extremely satisfying experience.

Recent Survey

Wonderful Asset

January 2009

Thank you for all you do for the Election Commission. You always help us with a friendly smile on the other side of the phone or email. You are such a wonderful asset to Safety.

Kathy Summers,
TN Dept. of State, Div. of Elections

Treated in a Respectful Manner

January 2009

On December 14, Trooper Kendall D. Grasty conducted a traffic stop due to my inattentiveness to my speed. He treated me in a professional and respectful manner. I am very remorseful for making him step out of his car on the side of the highway.

Mark Miller

Thanks to Chaplain Long and THP Knoxville District

January 2009

Chaplain Don Long, along with the THP, Knoxville District, maintains a Helping Hands Ministries program that helps families in their time of need. They have helped many families in the counties of the Knoxville District.

During the holidays, they decided to help one of their own, Dispatcher Wendy Walker and her family. As some of you may know, in May 2005, Wendy lost her home in a fire. Since June 2007, Wendy and her husband, Sammy, have gained custody of their two grandchildren. Wyatt was three months old and Madison was 11 months at the time. Sammy’s daughter, Katurah, who is 18 years old, lives with them, also. Sammy takes care of the grandchildren while Wendy works. Wendy lives in Scott County and drives 126 miles to and from work. During the months of high gas prices, it put an extra financial burden on the family. So Chaplain Long and the Knoxville District collected money to buy gifts for Wendy’s family for Christmas. I would like to thank Chaplain Long and the Knoxville District for everything they did for Wendy and her family. God bless you all.

Jennie Phillips,
TDOS Communications Supervisor

Oustanding Assistance and Support by Pat Hester

January 2009

I commend Special Agent in Charge Pat Hester of your Criminal Investigation Division for the outstanding assistance and support that she provided to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), St. Louis Division Tactical Diversion Squad.

Ms. Hester is recognized for her testimony at trial regarding the investigation of a fraudulent Tennessee driver license that had been obtained by Rex I. Hatfield from a person who had died from a drug overdose. Ms. Hester’s identity theft investigation directly related to our investigation into a series of 85 pharmacy burglaries across ten states, committed by Rex and Everly Hatfield. On October 29, 2008, a federal jury in the Southern District of Illinois convicted Rex and Everly Hatfield on charges of Conspiracy to Commit Pharmacy Burglaries and Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances. The jury also found, in special verdicts, that four deaths resulted from the activities related to the drug distribution conspiracy. As a result, the Hatfield brothers each face a possible term of life imprisonment. The assistance Ms. Hester provided was crucial to this investigation and directly contributed to the conviction of the Hatfields.

Special Agent in Charge Hester is commended for her professionalism and diligent performance of duty. Her actions are in keeping with the highest standards of law enforcement. She is a credit to your office, and we truly appreciate her efforts.

Preston Grubbs,
U.S. Department of Justice, DEA

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