Department Videos

Commissioner's Videos

  • 2016
  • Commissioner Purkey's I-40 Challenge
    Operation Grizzly Bear
    Commissioner Gibbon's Farewell
    GHSO Joins Department of Safety & Homeland Security
    Commissioner Gibbons Safety Segment
    Commissioner's Report on Domestic Violence

Driver Services Videos

  • 2016
  • Don’t Trust Deceptive Websites for Driver Services Needs
    Partnership of Clarksville and Department of Safety & Homeland Security
    Join the Line

Tennessee Highway Patrol Videos

  • 2016
  • 2015
  • THP Class 716
    Operation Grizzly Bear
    Memphis Call to Action
    Knoxville Call to Action
    26th Annual MVCI/DIAP/EPIC Criminal Patrol Conference
    Chattanooga Call to Action
    Nashville Call to Action
    Tennessee State Trooper Removes Soldier from Burning Vehicle
    Senior Honored by THP
  • If you are pulled over, what to expect.
    Buckle Up!

Homeland Security Videos

  • 2016
  • Active Shooter Prep
    Observing and Reporting Suspicious Activity

Handgun Videos

  • 2016
  • Be SMART