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Repossed Vehicles

When the terms of the loan agreement are not met and the vehicle is repossessed, a new certificate of title and registration may be obtained by the new owner submitting an Application for Certificate of Title and Registration through your local county clerk's office.

When a lien is recorded on Tennessee or Out-of-state Certificate of Title, the one who purchased the repossessed vehicle should obtain a new Certificate of Title and Registration. The following documents are required:

  • Application For Certificate Of Title And Registration
  • The certificate of title reflecting all liens, assigned by the lienholder in the space provided for assignment by the owner.
  • An affidavit of sales under special condition form or out of state repossession form completed by the lienor (repossesssor) stating that the motor vehicle has been repossessed and sold under the term of lien.
  • State and county title and registration fees for the new applicant.
  • Evidence of payment of sales and use tax.
  • Emissions testing, (if applicable).

Procedures may vary depending on the type of repossession. Examples:

  • When debtor has not titled and registered vehicle.
  • Tennessee resident and the Tennessee title is issued in the name of dispossessed but the lien is not recorded on the certificate of title.
  • Dealer holding repossessed vehicle for resale.
  • Repossession bonds

For additional information, please call the toll-free number at (888) 871-3171 or local residents can call (615) 741-3101.