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Online Filing Tips

Thank you for using the Tennessee Department of Revenue's Business Tax online filing system. The following information is provided to help taxpayers avoid common electronic filing errors.

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Please Note: Taxpayers who file gross receipt returns electronically must also remit the associated payment electronically.

Duplicate Filings

If a taxpayer files two returns using the same account number, tax period, and payment, the taxpayer should get a "duplicate business tax return" error message. When this occurs, the taxpayer should hit the "cancel" button. Clicking the "continue" button will generate a duplicate filing, while hitting the "cancel" button effectively cancels the duplicate return.

Occasionally, the system may revert to the payment screen after the taxpayer has already completed this page. If the taxpayer completes the page again, a duplicate payment may result. Taxpayers having trouble reaching the confirmation screen should log off and then log back in. The account administration screen will provide the last transaction completed including the filing date, ending period, confirmation number, payment amount and settlement date if filing with payment.

Wrong Account Numbers

Taxpayers should enter the nine-digit business tax number issued by the Department of Revenue when establishing their online filing account. Entering any other ID number in the account number field (such as an FEIN number or SSN number) will result in an incorrect posting. Those who enter the wrong number will need to delete the account on the account administration page. Once deleted, taxpayers may then choose "add location" to create a new account with the correct account number.

ACH Payments

Taxpayers filing a Business Tax return with payment online using bank accounts with a block (or other special restrictions) must provide their financial institution with the following:

  • Company name: TN STATE REVENUE
  • Company ID #:C626001445

Taxpayers making a debit payment through our third-party vendor, Global Payment Systems, who have bank accounts with a block will also need to provide the following:

  • Company name: GPS TENN TAX PMT
  • Company ID #: 6626001445

Amended Returns

An amended return does not cancel the original return or payment transmission. If you filed and provided payment on your original return through our Web site, you will need to follow these steps:

  • If the amended return results in an additional payment due, pay the difference between the amount transmitted on the original return and the corrected amount shown on the amended return.
  • If the amended return results in an overpayment, these are your options (please contact the Dept. of Revenue to let us know which option you selected, at the phone number shown below):
    • Submit the return as a filing only (with no additional payment) and use the credit towards a future filing period.
    • Submit the return as a filing with payment (paying the correct amount) and contact your bank to stop payment on the incorrect payment amount; or
    • Submit the return as a filing with payment (paying the correct amount) and allow both payments to go through your bank. After the payments have cleared your bank account, you may request a refund of the incorrect payment amount.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the use of the portal applications, please contact us. Tennessee residents outside of the Nashville area may call our statewide toll-free number at 866-368-6374. Those calling from Nashville or out-of-state may dial 615-253-0704. You can visit our Web site at or email the department at

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