All plates in this category:

  • are available to all Tennessee residents, unless otherwise stated.
  • require an annual fee of $61.50, $35 of that fee is allocated in part to the plate's beneficiary.
  • can be personalized between three and five characters.
American Eagel Foundation Specialty Plate

American Eagle Foundation

  • Proceeds Benefit: American Eagle Foundation’s efforts to preserve the American Bald Eagle and its habitat.
Animal Friendly Specialty Plate

Animal Friendly

  • Proceeds Benefit: Animal Population Control Endowment Fund.
Ducks Unlimited Specialty Plate

Ducks Unlimited

  • Available to: Ducks Unlimited members.
  • Proceeds Benefit: Ducks Unlimited.
  • Documentation required: Membership credentials.
Ducks Unlimited Specialty Plate

National Wild Turkey Federation

  • Proceeds Benefit: Tennessee State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, for distribution to the Tennessee local chapters of the organization and shall be used  exclusively in Tennessee to further the organization's mission to conserve the wild turkey and preserve the heritage of hunting in this state.
Wildlife Species Specialty Plates

Fish and Wildlife Species – Bear, Turkey or Small Mouth Bass

  • Proceeds Benefit: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to manage, protect, propagate and conserve fish and wildlife species and to protect and enhance their habitats.

Sportsman Specialty Plate

Sportsmen’s Wildlife Foundation

  • Proceeds Benefit:  Sportsmen’s Wildlife Foundation to preserve the heritage of hunting and fishing in the state through the protection, propagation and conservation of fish and wildlife in Tennessee.
TN Arts Commission Specialty Plates

Tennessee Arts Commission – Cat or Fish

  • Proceeds Benefit: Tennessee Arts Commission.
TN Walking Horse Specialty Plate

Tennessee Walking Horse

TN Wildlife Federation Specialty Plates

Tennessee Wildlife Federation – Multi-Animal or Hummingbird

  • Proceeds Benefit:  Tennessee Wildlife Federation.
Trout Unlimited Specialty Plate

Trout Unlimited

  • Proceeds Benefit: Tennessee chapter of Trout Unlimited to conserve, protect and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and watersheds.
Watchable Wildlife Specialty Plate

Watchable Wildlife

  • Proceeds Benefit: Watchable Wildlife Endowment Fund to preserve non-game and endangered wildlife species.