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Division of Clinical Leadership

Committee Memberships

DCL staff members are involved in service system issue resolution and creative endeavors to increase and/or improve mental health services through their participation as members of the following committees:

  • Tennessee Suicide Prevention Advisory Council
  • UT Professional Experience Program Committee
  • University of Tennessee, Memphis Health Science Center College of Pharmacy
  • Mental Health Planning Council
  • Pandemic Influenza Planning and Coordinating Committee
  • Bureau of TennCare's Formulary Committee
  • Concerns Obstructing Pharmacy Education (C.O.P.E. Program)
  • TDMH Institutional Review Board Committee
  • Building Strong Families in Rural Tennessee (BSF) Collaborative Council
  • Evidence-Based Practice Workgroup of the Council on Children’s Mental Health
  • Infants and Preschool Behavioral Health Workgroup
  • Evidence-Based Practice Workgroup of the Tennessee Adolescent Coordination of Treatment Project
  • Barriers to Licensure of Mental Health Professionals Workgroup
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Middle and West Tennessee
  • Tennessee Nursing Foundation
  • A Prescribe Tennessee
  • Tennessee Pharmacist Association
  • Tennessee Nurses Association
  • University of Tennessee Memphis Health Science Center College of Pharmacy Admission Committee
  • Suicide And The Black Church Committee
  • Crisis Design Work Group
  • Suicide Prevention and the African-American Faith Communities Committee
  • Tennessee Lives Count Task Force
  • Mid-Cumberland Suicide Prevention Network
  • TCCY Disportionate Minority Confindment Committee

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