EmPower TN

Bill Haslam
State of Tennessee

We are excited to announce that the Tennessee General Assembly has approved the state budget for 2015-16, which includes funding for EmPower TN, an initiative to reduce energy costs and consumption in buildings owned and managed by the state of Tennessee.  By measuring and controlling energy use, investing in energy efficiency and renewable power generation and creating an operational environment of excellence, EmPower TN will develop a sustainable path toward utility savings of $54 million annually for the state. 

While the focus of EmPower TN will be state-owned and managed facilities, our hope is that this program will be a model and training tool for our local Tennessee governments and will attract the support of private and nonprofit organizations interested in promoting energy conservation, clean energy, renewable energy and sustainable development.

We hope you will consider this an invitation to discuss potential energy projects in partnership with us.  We welcome your inquiries and suggestions related to energy consumption and conservation in Tennessee.

EmPower TN Update

EmPower TN recently announced the selection of 33 state efficiency projects that are now ready to go to the State Building Commission for final approval. Once approved, projects can begin implementation. Read more.

EmPower TN List of Selected Projects 2015

EmPower TN Fact Sheet

About EmPower TN

EmPower TN is Governor Bill Haslam’s initiative to reduce energy costs and consumption across state-owned and managed buildings by:

  • measuring and controlling energy use,
  • investing in increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy generation,
  • creating an operational environment of excellence and
  • promoting energy cost savings across the state through conservation and efficiency in local government and the private sector.  


    Please send any inquiries to:
    Bob Balzar, Acting Executive Director
    (615) 253-7816