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TN Department of Labor and Workforce Development - May 2012

Capstone Mgr. Jim Nephew

Tennessee Career Centers
Capstone Delivers Products to Kroger
While TN Career Centers Deliver Qualified Workers to Capstone

For the site manager of a company charged with all operations at a new regional distribution center for Kroger in Portland, Tennessee, the Gallatin Career Center has been of enormous assistance in recruiting activities.
“The Career Center has been the biggest help in doing performance screening against what we’re looking for in qualifications,” said Jim Nephew, site manager for Capstone Logistics, LLC. “They’ve saved us tremendous amounts of time in getting to the right individuals whom we can select from to proceed further with us.

“Just providing the space when you want to do these start-up operations – and this really is a start-up operation – so we can interview people and get people placed before we actually go live is a huge benefit for us.”
Jim Nephew, Capstone Site Manager

The Career Center at Gallatin has been host to Capstone Logistics (formerly LMS Intellibound) five times so far in 2012. Capstone Logistics is a national leader in services for distribution centers and manages all unloading services for Peyton’s Mid-South, a division of Kroger responsible for warehousing and distribution of non-food items to Kroger stores.  Peyton’s is currently hiring warehouse workers through the Gallatin Career Center for its facility located in Portland, TN.
“Peyton’s asked us to come into this location a month ago, but it’s been a slow ramp-up because of the labor challenges we’ve seen here,” said Nephew. “Your department has provided a lot of support for us as far as bringing in additional folks. We’ve got quite a bit in the pipeline, and we have to continue that momentum because they’re asking us to take over additional services. We’re looking for another 50 or so people, and possibly more before we’re through.”
TN Career Center LogoMore than 60 Career Centers across Tennessee assist employers of all sizes in connecting with qualified applicants. The Career Centers post job openings, hold job fairs and special recruitment events, make available the department’s Career Coaches, provide space at Career Centers for employers to conduct interviews, and offer screening, testing, and assessment services for interested job seekers.

Hiring the Unemployed

Labor and Workforce Development is interested in your opinions on hiring the long-term unemployed, and if state government should help fund hiring and training initiatives.

Despite What That Salesperson is Telling You Workplace Posters are Free

Employers should know all posters required by the state and federal government are free. Various poster companies will suggest every six months that changes have been made and updates are required. For printable versions of all state and federally required posters go to
or request an all-in-one state poster at (615) 741-2257.

New Break Regulations Enacted for Food and Beverage Service Workers Who Receive Tips
Employees scheduled to work six consecutive hours, except in establishments that provide ample opportunity to take a break, have the right to voluntarily waive their 30-minute unpaid meal period or rest break upon submission of a written waiver to the employer and both parties are in agreement.

Advance Notice of Closing and Layoffs Is Required by WARN Act
The Worker Adjustment and Retaining Notification (WARN) Act is a federal law requiring employers of 100 or more employees to give a 60-day advance notice of a plant closure or mass layoff affecting 1/3 or more of their workforce. WARN requires employers to send a written notice to the Dislocated Worker Unit of the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The unit assists employers and employees by executing the state’s Rapid Response System, which is designed to provide information promptly to eliminate some of the difficulty of workforce reduction. For more information about the WARN Act go to


HR Update
Voluntary Program Streamlines Requests of Employers for Separation Info

Through the new State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) E-Response, employers can now respond electronically to requests for separation information regarding a claimant’s reason for separation when filing a claim for unemployment. When a person files a claim for unemployment, the department sends a letter electronically to the employer or third-party administrator verifying the reason the claimant has given for separation and providing log-in information to SIDES E-Response. This request was previously accomplished by paper mail. The new Web-based system saves costs to employers and taxpayers, as inaccuracies and delays in submitting separation information is one of the main causes of unemployment insurance overpayments.


TN Occupational Safety and Health (TOSHA)

TOSHA offers free consultations without risk of citations

Every year in the state of Tennessee and across the country there are workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses that occur that could have been prevented if the right safety and health precautions had been taken.

TOSHA LogoOn site consultants will do the following:

  • Help the employer recognize hazards in the workplace.
  • Suggest approaches or options for solving a safety or health problem.
  • Identify sources of help available to provide further assistance to the employer.
  • Provide a written report to summarize the findings.
  • Assist in developing or maintaining an effective safety and health program.
  • Offer training and education at the facility or in some cases away from the site.
  • Under specified circumstances, recommend the facility for TOSHA’s SHARP program and an exemption from general schedule TOSHA enforcement inspections.

For more information about TOSHA’s consultative services please call 800-249-8510 or go to It’s free and confidential!


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