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DECEMBER 15, 2005
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Pilot Program to Match Middle Tennessee Employers and Jobseekers

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development has awarded Worldwide Interactive Network Inc. a $100,000 contract for a pilot program to match job seeker skills to employers’ needs. The contract will begin January 2006 and last for a period of one year. The contract is federally funded and was applied for through the employment and training division of the department.

The contract will assist the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development with the ability to validate and quantify the employability skills of workers; improve the basic workplace skills of workers who do not demonstrate mastery of basic math, reading or analytical skills; and provide a standardized credential that declares the certification holder/worker is competent in one or more of these basic workplace skill areas. The credential will be recognized and accepted by employers as a demonstration of the holder’s competency in workplace skills. The identification of workplace skills will be based on actual jobs; therefore, jobs will be analyzed to identify the basic workplace skills workers need to posses in order to meet the employment criteria.

Worldwide Interactive Network Inc. competed for the contract under Tennessee’s RFP process. Two other companies also bid on the project, Global Business Solutions Group and Thinking Media. Worldwide Interactive Network was selected based upon the evaluation process which included two teams of three members each that evaluated each proposal in accordance with the evaluation guidelines set out in the RFP.

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