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AUGUST 19, 2005
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NASHVILLEGovernor Phil Bredesen and the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development today announced the award of a $125,800 grant for skill training to Trane Clarksville. The grant will pay for technical training of the Trane employees to transition to a new air conditioning product line planned for the Clarksville location.

“This grant is essential to help Trane workers look to the future and begin the process of training for a new product line in their plant,” said Governor Bredesen. “Trane is a major employer in Clarksville. This grant will help keep the company competitive and increase the skills of talented employees.”

“Skills training grants like this one to Trane help Tennessee’s economy by promoting the expansion of existing industry,” said Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner James Neeley. “Trane is a strong area employer and we know this grant will offer the additional support they need to keep highly skilled workers on the job.”

The North Tennessee Workforce Board and its operational entity Workforce Essentials Inc. will provide the training to 185 individuals under the grant. State Representative Kim McMillan is a member of the Workforce Essentials board. “The North Tennesee Workforce Board and Workforce Essentials have worked hard to get approval for this grant from Governor Bredesen,” said McMillan. “I am proud of our hard work and how it will benefit the workers at Trane.”

"Since the late 1950s, Trane has been a vital part of the local economy,” said Ross Jackson, Workforce Essentials chairman. “We are pleased to be involved in the cooperative effort between the state, North TN Workforce Board, and the Montgomery County Economic Development Council in support of Trane's future workforce."

Trane is Clarksville’s largest non-governmental employer and has been in the area since 1958. The company manufactures air conditioning systems and pays more than $50 million in wages and benefits to approximately 1,500 workers. “Trane is investing substantial resources in plant expansion and rearrangement in preparation for our new product line,” said Trane General Manager Doug Apelt. “It is a huge endeavor and we are very grateful for these funds which will help us train workers in new skills.”

Senator Rosalyn Kurita of Clarksville said, “I commend Governor Bredesen and the Tennessee Department of Labor for stepping up and awarding this grant to Trane. We need to reward companies like Trane that work hard to stay in the state and keep people on the job.”

The Clarksville area is also represented by State Representative Curtis Johnson. The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development and Workforce Essentials Inc. also worked together with James Chavez of the Montgomery County Economic Development Council to attain this grant for Trane.
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