MARCH 20, 2007
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NASHVILLE - Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner James Neeley announced that Olin Chlor-Alkali and Pen Gulf, both of Charleston, and White Electrical Construction Company of Chattanooga (Duncan Division) were chosen to receive the Governor’s Award of Excellence for Workplace Safety. Deputy Commissioner Bob Henningsen presented the awards to all three companies today in an awards ceremony at the Olin Chlor Alkali facility in Charleston.

“The evaluation criteria for the Governor’s Award are challenging, said Henningsen. ”Achieving the required standards for this award reflects that the employees of all three companies – Olin Chlor-Alkali, Pen Gulf, and White Electrical – are strongly committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.”

The Governor’s Award honors Tennessee employers and employees who meet a required number of hours during a calendar year without workplace injuries serious enough to cause an employee to miss a day of work or restrict normal job activities. The number of hours required is based on the size of the company. The following are each company’s safety records to qualify for the award:

    • Olin Chlor-Alkali Charleston employs approximately 300 workers in the manufacture of chlorine, sodium hydroxide (i.e., caustic soda) and other alkalis using an electrolysis process. The company qualified for the Governor’s Award by working more than 1,199,232 man hours without either a lost time or restricted duty incident. This injury-free record dates back to January 2005. Olin Charleston has also previously earned two certifications for the TOSHA Volunteer STAR Award, the state’s highest honor for workplace safety and health.
    • Pen Gulf Inc. , is a woman-owned industrial contractor that specializes in industrial painting, floor coatings, tank linings, insulation, scaffold erection, and abatement of lead and asbestos, employs an average of 85 people at the Charleston facility. Pen Gulf Incorporated has performed services at the Olin Chlor-Alkali facility in Charleston, Tennessee for more than two decades. The company qualified for the Governor’s Award by working more than 379,258 man hours without either a lost time or restricted duty incident, dating back to January 2005.
    • White Electrical Construction Company is the oldest family-owned electrical contractor in the southeast, employing an average of 13 people at the Olin facility in Charleston. The company has qualified for the Governor’s Award by working more than 79,357 man hours without a lost time or restricted duty incident. The injury-free record of White Electrical dates back to January 2004.

For more information on the Governor’s Award and other TOSHA award programs contact TOSHA’s Consultative Services office at (800) 325.9901.


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