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Reporting Employee Wages

We want to emphasize to employers of the importance of promptly and accurately reporting each of your employee's wages to our department each quarter. Accurate wage item reporting will ensure your workers receive full credit for their wages earned in the event they file a claim for unemployment benefits. Accurate wage reporting on the part of all employers will also help make certain each employer's reserve account is charged for only those benefits for which their account should be charged.

One of the best ways to accomplish wage item accuracy is by reporting your employees' wages on electronic media, such as on disk, or by filing your quarterly wage and premium reports online at https://tdlwd.tn.gov/tnpaws/. It's now possible to 'upload' a wage file to "TNPAWS", making it quicker and easier than ever to file online. This reminder: Employers reporting 250 or more employees are actually required by law to report via electronic media or by filing online.