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Tennessee Business Enterprises (TBE) offers vocational training and employment opportunities for individuals who are legally blind.  The mission of this program is to provide high quality products and customer service while maximizing employment and economic opportunities for legally blind individuals. Federal and State laws grant TBE, under Randolph-Sheppard, a priority to operate vending and food service in Federal, State and local government buildings.  Tennessee Business Enterprises trains, licenses and places blind individuals in a facility where they function much like an independent business owner.  Assistance is provided to these managers by TBE Consultants.  

Tennessee Business Enterprises currently operates 143 facilities across the State.  These facilities generate over $20 million in sales annually.  The type of facilities managed and operated by the licensed blind vendor include:

Fully Automated Vending Locations
Snack Bars
Inmate Commissaries
Over the Counter sales
Micro Markets

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Tennessee Business Enterprises
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