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Families First Online Policy Manual

Families First Overpayments and Overpayments

Administrative Disqualifications for Families First




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        When multiple overpayments were combined into one IPV claim, only one disqualification


        Penalty per guilty individual.


        Multiple individuals in the same Families First AU can have disqualifications running concurrently.


        If a separate IPV claim is established at a later date, a separate disqualification will apply.


        If the individual is serving one disqualification period and subsequently commits a second IPV, the disqualification periods must be served based on the date of decision. Therefore, there may be some overlapping disqualification periods.


        If the individual is found guilty of an offense that occurred prior to an existing IPV, do not impose a disqualification for that prior offense unless it has been specified in a court order.


Once the disqualification period starts, it continues until it is completed. This is true, even if the remaining eligible AU members become ineligible for any reason at a later date. If the disqualified individual leaves the AU, the disqualification follows that individual.



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