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The Department of Human Services may enter into an agreement with the local district attorney’s office allowing said district attorney to enter into consent agreements with accused intentional program violators.  The agreement will be filed with a court of competent jurisdiction and approved by the court.  Before entering into a consent agreement with the accused individual, the district attorney’s office must send advance written notice to the accused explaining the consequences of entering into such an agreement. 


The advance written notice, prepared by the Department of Human Services, will contain, at a minimum, the following:


·        A statement for the accused individual to sign that he/she understands the consequences of signing the agreement.


·        A statement that the caretaker relative must also sign the agreement if the accused individual is not the caretaker relative.


·        A statement that signing the agreement will result in a reduction in payment for the appropriate period.


·        A statement of the length of the disqualification period that will be imposed as a result of the accused individual signing the agreement.


After the court confirms the agreement, a written notice will be sent to the caseworker specifying the period of disqualification and the amount of Families First payment, if any, the AU will receive during the disqualification period.



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