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An individual who, on the basis of a plea of guilty, nolo contendere (no contest) or otherwise is found to have committed an intentional program violation as the result of an administrative disqualification hearing (ADH), or by a state or federal court, will be disqualified from participating in the Families First program.This disqualification penalty is limited to the individual(s) found guilty of having committed an IPV.


An individual found to have committed an IPV will not have his/her individual needs taken into account when determining the AUís eligibility and the amount of assistance, but any resources and income of the disqualified individual will be considered available in their entirety to the AU.This penalty is applied during the entire duration of the penalty period.


The individual will be disqualified:


        For six months for the first IPV.


        For 12 months for the second offense.


        Permanently for the third or a subsequent offense.


In cases where a disqualification penalty and other sanctions or penalties apply:


        The disqualification penalties imposed under this chapter will be in addition to, not be substituted for, any other sanction or penalties which may be imposed by law for the same offenses.


        The disqualification penalties affect the individual concerned and cannot be substituted for other sanctions under the Families First program (e.g., failure to participate in the Personal Responsibility Plan or to cooperate in obtaining child support), but may run concurrently with other sanctions which are in place.After the disqualification period expires, the person will have to meet all eligibility requirements before being added to the Families First AU.



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