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Families First Overpayments and Overpayments

Administrative Disqualifications for Families First




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All suspected IPVs must be referred to Investigative Services after pending the claim.


Investigative Services will conduct a separate investigation to prepare a case for an ADH or pursue court action.


If legal action is being planned, Investigative Services will schedule an appointment for the individual to come in for an interview. The individual will be given an opportunity to make a statement or present facts to clear up any possible discrepancies.


If legal action is not being pursued, Investigative Services will notify the individual:


        That it appears a member of the AU has committed an intentional program violation.


        About the basis of the violation (e.g. unreported income).


        That an appointment has been scheduled with an Investigative Services staff member to discuss the overpayment.


        That the individual may either sign a waiver or proceed with the ADH.


        Explain about the disqualification periods for the first, second and third IPVs.


        About the methods of repayment of the overpayment.


        About the availability of free legal representation.


If the individual does not respond to the requests to come in to discuss the overpayment, Investigative Services will notify Administrative Review to schedule the hearing.


All referrals for an ADH will be made by Investigative Services to Administrative Review. A person accused of an IPV may waive his/her rights to an ADH. The notice concerning the right to waive an ADH is sent by the investigator and the waiver itself is secured by the investigator.



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