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Administrative Disqualifications for Families First




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An intentional program violation (IPV) is an action by a person for the purpose of:


·        Establishing eligibility for Families First.


·        Maintaining eligibility for Families First.


·        Increasing the amount of a family’s Families First grant.


·        Preventing a decrease in or termination of a Families First grant.


Which is intentionally:


·        A false or misleading statement.


·        A misrepresentation.


·        A concealment or withholding of facts.


·        Any act intended to mislead, misrepresent, conceal or withhold facts, or propound a falsity.


Families First applicants must be given written information (“Fraud, the Law and You”) about disqualification penalties at the time of application.  Families First recipients will be given this information at each redetermination of eligibility. 


Prior to conducting an administrative disqualification hearing, an investigation of an allegation that a person committed an intentional program violation must be conducted.  All suspected IPVs must be referred to Investigative Services after the overpayment claims have been pended.  Investigative Services will conduct a separate investigation to prepare a case for an Administrative Disqualification Hearing or to pursue court action.



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