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Voluntary Termination of Employment




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Good cause for voluntarily quitting employment may include:


·        Acceptance of employment with at least comparable gross wages.


·        Pay less than the minimum wage based on the number of hours actually worked.


·        Leaving the job in connection with patterns of employment in which workers frequently move from one employer to another, such as migrant farm workers.


·        Leaving employment to attend an educational or training program full-time (as defined by the institution) that is consistent with allowable Personal Responsibility Plan work activities.


Note: Leaving employment for the purpose of applying for Families First and entering a training program through FF is not good cause.


·        Unavailability of transportation and substitute arrangements could not be made (evidence of efforts to arrange transportation will be required).


·        Unavailability of child care and neither the individual nor DHS could find substitute child care arrangements.


·        The employer’s failure to grant Family Medical Leave Act provisions for the birth of a child.


·        A medically approved incapacity, including complications from pregnancy that render the individual unable to work.



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