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Failure to Cooperate With Work Requirements




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Eligible assistance unit adults who are not exempt from work are required to have a 30-hour PRP work requirement. Non-exempt adults must be in compliance with their work activity or face possible sanction if good cause for non-compliance does not exist. This includes adults with a modified work plan who may not be able to participate for 30 hours due to an ADA-covered disability. Remember that individuals who are sanctioned prior to the discovery of an ADA issue may have their sanction removed if it is discovered the action that lead to the sanction was the result of an ADA- related disability. However, if the individual is assessed by FSC and is deemed to be able to participate a certain number of modified hours and then fails to do so, that individual may then be sanctioned. Bulletin 29, FA-08-21


If an individual has FSC activities being counted toward Job Search/Job Readiness hours and he/she fails to participate in FSC, the non-compliance will result in a sanction. Bulletin 37, FA-08-28


In two-adult families, this could affect either one or both adults (Refer to the discussion on non-compliance and absence rules in the Work Requirements Chapter).


Note: If either parent in a two-parent AU is sanctioned, the entire AU will be ineligible.


A Families First sanction for non-compliance with the work requirement will:


        Cause ineligibility of the entire AU.


        Continue until the adult is in compliance.


Note: If an employed individual is fired (without good cause), treat the action as non-compliance with a work activity.



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