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Verification is primarily the responsibility of the caretaker except when the information is already known to the Department or when it is more reasonable for the caseworker to obtain the needed information.  For example, it would be more reasonable for the caseworker to obtain information regarding the bona fide employment offer made through JTPA since the Department of Human Services contracts this service with JTPA.


Verify the parent’s status as PWE, his/her employment or lack of employment and labor market connection, good cause information and any other pertinent or questionable information that would affect the AU’s eligibility.


Substantiate the amount of earnings of the parents when establishing the PWE by any means accessible.  Income tax returns, copies of W-2 forms, employer’s records, wage match, check stubs are good sources of verification, but if these are not obtainable use any other means available.


It is not necessary to verify the exact amount of the earnings to determine the PWE’s labor market connection.  However, it is necessary to verify that the PWE earned at least $50 per quarter when earnings are the basis of this determination.


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