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Incapacity Procedures



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Incapacity must be reevaluated at the end of the approved period following procedures described for applications. If the individual states that he/she is no longer incapacitated and asks for case closure, medical re-evaluation is unnecessary. The DHS caseworker is responsible to contact the applicant 30 days prior to the end of the MEU approval period. Eligibility continues until a decision on continued incapacity is made. The DHS caseworker will re-evaluate all eligibility criteria and determine if an incapacity decision is still needed. If incapacity is still needed; then, the DHS caseworker will:


          UPDATE and complete the MEU medical-social narrative and send copies (including all previous medical/mental records with the decision sheets) to MEU. Bulletin 03, FA-09-03


        Complete ten (10) signed and dated HIPAA Authorization for Release of Information forms (HS-2557 English or HS2557S Spanish). These forms must be completed in full and must be specific as to what information the client is permitting to be released.


        Give applicant a copy of the HIPAA privacy notice.


        Complete the MEU Information Checklist.


        Ask applicant if he/she has any seizure or chest pain complaints.


        Determine if the client has been referred to Family Services Counseling within the past 2 years and indicate the findings on the Checklist. Bulletin 22, FA-10-11


Complete the following questionnaire(s), if appropriate:


        Seizure Questionnaire.


        Chest Pain Questionnaire.


The DHS caseworker will mail all of the above items to the Medical Evaluation Unit no later than 7th day from the beginning of the Active case re-review process.


In addition, any extenuating or pertinent information must be documented on in the eligibility and case management system.




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