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Incapacity – Procedures



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·        Ask if the client has either seizures or chest pain and complete the seizure and/or chest pain questionnaire(s) if the client complains of either.


·        Document any extenuating or pertinent information in the case record.


·        Determine if the client has been referred to Family Services Counseling within the past 2 years and indicate the findings on the Checklist.  Bulletin  22, FA-10-11, MA-10-11


The caseworker will complete the medical-social interview no later than the 2nd day from the date of the individual’s application/renewal interview or no later than the 2nd day from the date the incapacity is claimed, when reported at a later date.  The caseworker will mail all of the above items to the Medical Evaluation Unit within 1 day of the completion of the medical-social narrative.  Bulletin  45, FA-08-32 


Mail the packet to:


Medical Evaluation Unit

Tennessee Department of Human Services

400 Deaderick Street

Nashville, TN 37243


Note: The participant is exempt from the work requirements during this process. 




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